I’ll start : some years ago I visited a city where anarchists were trying to solve conflicts between residents (squat building) by calling on outside people. These people were political allies, but they were not friends with the social circle involved in arguments, they were from another city, and they had trained themselves to psychology and this kind of situations.

This was really impressive to me, that people were actually smart enough to try to solve their inner problems by calling on people who are not involved emotionaly and are competent in their field/skills.

That’s a very good example, thanks for sharing!! Personally, something i’ve witnessed in some place i won’t name but was fucking amazing was support groups that organized as a no-face militia to threaten bosses who didn’t respect workers… like refused to pay them in restaurants. From what i could see with my eyes they were very very quick to pay before we made a mess.

I’ve never met leftists irl, and not for a lack of trying, like i’ve been to protests


An interesting podcast episode with a related topic.

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