I stand for abolition of family. The problem is that this argument has been depleted of its meaning by marxist States who replaced the expected affection of a community, with the cold hand of the State…


lol “Totalitarian”

I might have used the word incorrectly 😛

Within capitalism this structure—the family—has always had the crucial function of producing and reproducing labor-power. . . . It is common knowledge that family relations are alienated and alienating, that the “love” we have for our fathers, mothers, children and siblings has to be expressed through the work we do for them. . . . All family members—even within the “love” of the family—are not protected from but remain subject to capital’s will and discipline. Children “must” go to school whether they want to or not, for example, and everyone is aware that the family is in reality the pool of labor on which capital draws. It appears as a place of “love,” but is in reality a place of alienation, of commoditization, of non-communication.

  • Leopoldina Fortunati: The Arcane of Reproduction: Housework, Prostitution, Labor and Capital

Saint Andrewism had a good video on the general concept of Family a few months back.


Family abolition has always been something a core component of the communist revolution. Clearly it’s changed over the past few centuries. It’s funny to see Marxist-Leninists decry talk about family abolition when Marx and Engels repeatedly state that the family would be abolished and replaced with new, expansive, liberatory kinship structures.

I don’t know about your figures about how many families are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. But ultimately I agree with the idea that youth liberation is both necessary for building a revolutionary movement and intrinsic to communism (or anti-market anarchism/socialism)

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