I’m not sure why people need to sign as many contracts as is normal now. Like, I can walk into a brick and mortar store without signing anything, I don’t understand why I have to read sixty pages of legalese to use Amazon.

Yes, but only if they are made readable, also the important parts should stick out

I believe such contracts have to follow certain “common sense” rules by law in the EU.


Well, kind of. It’s not always realistic, but it’s also not super realistic to just say “well fuck, nobody reads contracts anyway, let’s just let the courts decide what’s fair.” The courts decide in extreme cases of unconscionability, and in those cases, “there’s no way they read it” is a very small factor, but yeah, if you don’t want to be screwed, read.

One thing to note: most websites these days use arbitration clauses making it very hard to sue them. The Netscape case by Sotomayor helps with this, but not really since that was clickwrap and here you’re continually using a service. The WhatsApp terms are especially bad, as they allow facebook to upload all of your contacts to their servers (for some reason), and include a lot of other extreme clauses.

There are a few services like “Terms of Service Didn’t Read” that help to tell you which services have bad terms and which ones have awful terms, but good ToU are extremely rare.

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