I’ve really been considering as an American because of how far right and anti worker everything is


Yep. Cuba, cuz health issues.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough money; trying to get a high enough pay rate would be a pipe dream IMO.

Also I hate going outside; I have a fear of leaving my home state.

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It’ll likely never come to pass, but my choice would be either China or Cuba.

If I could it would be china or vietnam, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I wish the DPRK, but most likely VietNam

I’m a masochist so I moved to a hyper-capitalist country to try to help build socialism here.

Sigma grindset

Cuba or China or Vietnam. But I know Spanish.

Well, yes and no. I’m learning Chinese to move to China, but I won’t stay there permanently, a few years at most. I know this is silly, but I love my country. No matter how bad it gets, I couldn’t live anywhere other than Brazil for too long. I want to stay here and fight to make it a better place.

I plan on doing exactly the same thing. Live in China for a few years, if possible, but eventually come back to fight reactionaries in my home country.

I hate my country, but I get homesick quickly and could never live anywhere else sadly. Wish I could move away


I’m graduating this year with a master’s in telecommunications.

Many of my classmates have done their projects with Huawei. Could be a chance to find work in China and move there.

I’m not planning to move out, but I’ve always wanted to work abroad. I have this little fantasy that I’d vlog life outside of my country, first in a capitalist nation and second in a socialist one, in hopes that maybe some people will be radicalized. I guess if everything goes well and I got very lucky, in around five years I hope I would be working in China (or Russia, I know its a capitalist country but I want to visit Lenin’s mausoleum and my dad is weirdly pro-Putin so it wouldn’t be hard to ask for his blessing before I left)

Any one that would take me but idk if it’s possible because I don’t have any higher education degree (dropped out twice). I’m okay at learning languages but not at staying in school.

Don’t let that hold you back. You don’t need gate keepers giving you permission to live your life how you want to.


DPRK. People seem to treat it like a pipe dream, but I’m learning the Korean language and am planning on getting there somehow. Foreigners can study Korean Language and Culture at Kim Il Sung University and I plan to do that. If I could establish permanent residency teaching English after that, I’ll do it in a heartbeat. If not, I’ll try to establish residency in Yanbian, Korean Autonomous Prefecture in the PRC so I’m at least close, and China rocks, too.

I’m too young and broke, though. There are certain things I need to do first that require time and money I don’t and might never have, especially accounting for the expedient disintegration of whatever vestige of the illusion of democracy there is in the U.S. and the potential for future repression and emigration restrictions.

Comrade KiG made a good point about culture shock, difficulties adjusting, etc. and I feel that. This may sound LARPy, idealistic (in the colloquial sense) or like serious Koreabooism or whatever, but if they would ever have me, I would be ready for a complete subsumation into a collectivist mindset and the complete destruction of whatever so-called Western individualist values I have. I would immerse myself in their culture, their language, their ideals. I’m aware that I could never be truly Korean, but I would gladly, GLADLY dispel myself of consumerist, nihilistic Statesian brainrot and devote myself to assisting in their socialist construction project in whatever way I could, and remain deeply respectful of the Korean people and the Korean culture.

edit: further dream is to return to a non-fascist North Amerika and work with the KFA (Korean Friendship Association) or whatever diplomatic agency may exist in the future on establishing an embassy and bilateral relations with the DPRK. much more of a long shot, but it’s a bright future where this could be a reality.


언어공부 잘 되고 있어요?

Concerning your edit about relations, what do you think of tour agencies like the Young Pioneers? https://www.youngpioneertours.com/

I find them interesting because they write a lot of articles and seem to be working with a goal to improve relations in some way.

I also found these guys interesting: https://krahun.com/about-us/

Krahun began in 1999 at the invitation of local North Korean officials to start a goat farm and aid the country’s agricultural development. In seizing this rare window of opportunity, Krahun became one of the first businesses in the region owned and operated by westerners. Though the founders were from different parts of the world (Australia, Canada, Switzerland, U.S.), and from different professional backgrounds (programmers, engineers, chefs, veterinarians, businessmen), they were bound by the common vision of engaging citizens of North Korea. […] It is Krahun’s goal to use long-term business investment as a foundation to play a critical role in North Korea’s – and Northeast Asia’s – economic development. […] From building a bridge that cut the distance between major rice fields to the city by 10% to introducing hand tractors that increased uptime by 30% while also consuming less fuel, Krahun has sought to help bring advances in the region’s agricultural sector.

These guys ended up also making a tour company, but they say they are “the only tour company actually headquartered in North Korea” and since they have been there since 1999 and quite involved in various ventures, they have had involvement in some local infrastructure and agriculture development. (Edit: This might be the goat farm in 2005, or one similar to it)


Thank you for all the excellent sources and information comrade. My language studies are going ok, I’ve been at it for about 3 months – I can read 조선글 phonetically quite well and know very basic vocab. Very soon I will be attending a Korean culture and language program in my area (hosted through a church) and have decided today to start utilizing the refold method mentioned by comrade @muad_dibber@lemmygrad.ml below as Duolingo, Lingory, etc. aren’t quite cutting it. Intensive immersion it is haha. The culture and language program is exciting because it’s partnered with the local college and I might get college credit for it to put on a resume for if and when I’m able to apply for Kim Il Sung University, although I’m not currently in school. It’s also ridiculously cheap at $50/semester for what it is.

Young Pioneers was actually one of my first ideas, they do a great thing and I definitely plan to get into contact with them as soon as I am comfortable speaking Korean… it would be utterly phenomenal to one day become a guide or guide’s assistant. I will also have to look into Krahun more thoroughly!

I like the KFA as they are officially recognized by the DPRK as a diplomatic mission, but I’m also not entirely sure what they do in the U.S. if I’m being honest. I’m sure it’s not hard to find out, I just haven’t yet.

edit: writing system name

한글? chosongul*


Technically technically 조선글*. But you’re right. I’ve had to rely on calling the system 한글 when talking to local Korean people about it (there is a cultural-ideological divide present, and these individuals are definitely not communist or even friendly to the DPRK – can’t precisely confront them on it as a white westerner who they are helping learn) as well as non-communists generally, not to mention every damn teaching aide online referring to it as such without even mentioning 조선글.

Oh, Refold method is good, I hope it works well for you. I follow it loosely for my own studies as well. In the future I want to try sticking to it more strictly with a language that I am less experienced with and see how it goes. I hope you have a great experience in the language program.

I haven’t looked much into KFA’s activities yet either so I’m in the same boat as you on that one.

Side note, you might be interested in PSL’s reporting, as they have gone on some trips to report about DPRK (2014: “My Trip to North Korea”, 2017: “DPRK Eyewitness Experience”).

Do you watch this channel? https://www.youtube.com/c/DPRKExplained

IIRC this person was hired by Young Pioneers but didn’t get to start due to Covid.

KiG V2

Socialist America…one day soon! Although it’s so strange to try and imagine.


Future Socialist America 💪💪 DPRK

Fascist quislings and violent occupiers of the south 🧱🔫🔫🔫🔫

Hey I want to do this too


What if we discussed theory 🤔 on the Kim Il Sung University quad 😳

It would be pog I guess 🥺


#lifegoals That’s the dream comrade

i have thought of moving to china or dprk, but its incredibly hard to get there. Also i feel like i should stay in my current country to be part of the inevitable revolution


I’d love China or Vietnam. But I don’t think I’d move really. I’ve got my two countries over here where I’m trying to get socialism started and I don’t want to leave what I’m doing really.

I did live in Vietnam temporarily, doing some work. I would love to go back some day and perhaps live there for a much longer duration than I did before. I would be so interested to have a look at the Hanoi metro. My Vietnamese language skills are still basic but I love the language and I plan to always continue studying it, regardless of if I move or go back to VN or not.

I have briefly visited Laos and China (several years ago), I would love to visit them again and gain more knowledge about them and spend a longer time there and see how they are changing. A short visit is not an in-depth investigation, but what I did see of these places left me with a good impression. One day I would be very interested to travel to Cuba and DPRK, especially because I speak a somewhat useable level of Spanish and Korean, I would be interested to talk to people there.

But of course, as all of these countries are under many pressures, have suffered in many ways, and when you don’t have skills to offer/education qualifications, and in some cases, when it’s illegal by your government or you need special permission to go to some of these, visiting or moving is not so simple. Currently I am staying where I am and have no concrete plans for moving away and am focusing on life in my location. However I remain interested in these countries and try to learn about them.

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