These are systemic problems that require systemic solutions. The notion that such problems should be addressed in ad hoc fashion at individual level is absurd, and has been definitively shown not to work in practice.

Slavery is a systemic problem and there aren’t individualistic solutions to these types of problems. You either seek to overthrow capitalism and build socialism, or you’re complicit in modern slavery. No one is complicit in modern slavery for buying the things they need, bargain or otherwise, to survive and have a pleasant existence.

The system which enables people to directly exploit others in order to extract surplus value, whether by slavery or wage labor, is the problem, not the individuals compelled to participate.

No, expensive products generally don’t have better production circumstances. At least that’s my belief, maybe someone has data on it.


I think this is correct, most companies ranging from Apple to Huawei do and have used slave labor in their supply chain, because its cheaper to have no morals.

So long as there is deniability for the company, yes. That’s why all their suppliers claim that there is no slavery practices in the production line, but even in depth audits aren’t sufficient in some cases.

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