I browse normally by default using Tor network, Cloudflare is a bit slow with the initial validation, but I always get into any website.

Website owners can block users to access via Tor network without using Cloudflare services anyway … so this isn’t any problem about Cloudflare.

I think Google is still the worst with their infinite CAPTCHA validation. Before doing those CAPTCHA validations (which could take you like 10 minutes to complete them all) I rather close the link and ignore it exist, they don’t block, but they make it impossible for Tor users.


you should use a SearX or searXNG instance instead of google anyway.


I never use Google search engine. I use a forked SearX service.

Recaptcha is on more sites than just google


perhaps Buster would make it a bit less of a hassle? https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/buster-captcha-solver/

This is so cool, but still not working for me.

I tried it and it worked somewhat, but it still was finky

This is hilarious since the whole point of captcha is to verify if you’re a human


you want more hilarious? you can configure the addon to use Google’s own speech recognition engine.

Lmfao fucked

is this true though? https://chaos.social/@sindastra/108714913157859617:

By default, Cloudflare does not block Tor users.

It really is the site admin who configures Cloudflare to block Tor.

This is like adding Tor exit node IPs to iptables, except they’re using Cloudflare instead of >iptables. It’s the site admin who really is responsible. You wouldn’t blame iptables, either.

This is FUD.


Also it only does this if you’re using cf proxy which is pointless if you’re running tor.

Well, that’s not entirely wrong: the website owner is responsible for contracting with Cloudflare in the first place.

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