A few boxes of stuff like in the photo came in at the thrift store I volunteer at, but none of us are certain on what it is. Searching the branding on it (Siventi) did not yield useful results. The pieces fit but come loose easily no matter which of the holes are used. The “chopsticks” are somewhat capabele of beding apart OR together and seem made of the same hard plastic as the star. Do any of you have ideas?

Maybe they can be used to dry something?

chopsticks holder?

What does package look like? Maybe there is some kind of instruction or hint.


The way it is packaged does not give much of a hint I think. The boxes are also not original and I did not find a description in them.

I still have no idea what it might be.

damn, so many


May have to look tomorrow (during my afternoon shift) if I have the time. From my memory, packaging were plastic bags with one type of part only (star or sticks) and sorted by colour. The photo I showed was either some kind of sample or what was taken out by colleages to have look (before I arrived).

Maybe it’s some kind of knitting implement.

Exactly my though. No idea how it might work but to me this clearly looks like it’s made for this kind of purpose.

Dunno what the star thingy is but the sticky things look kinda like beginners chopsticks.

I’m wondering if this is some sort of puzzle game.


i was thinking the same thing

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