I am fucking convince that reddit is 99.99999% Neo-Nazi at this point. I seen post that support the Vietnam war and say that America action is justify. I seen people blurt out racist shit and get away with it. Shit talk about all the other minority accept for white people. I am just done. I think I will save my mental health by not fucking visiting this ass place anymore.

i just visit hobbiyst/tech news subs right now and avoid anything political like the plague itself, absolutely nothing of value to be found aside from just getting my blood levels high. i dont even login or comment anymore, i refuse to contribute

yankee propaganda has done its work and turned mainstream internet into something obscenely insufferable. you’d think after the totally botched covid response resulting in waste of life and worsening of mental conditions everywhere, antiwork debacle and decline of living conditions all over west people would start speaking up. but all it took was some sabre rattling and everyone collectively just go back to being blind.

forums died for this shit? for that one centralized toxic cesspool?

You said it best. This war is the perfect distraction from COVID, inflation, and the decline of the West. Just what the bougies needed to kick the can down the road.

Open reddit

r/Pics: “Protest against genocide in front of Russian embassy”

Close reddit. What a dump.

Yeah, fuck Reddit. I can’t believe they banned GenZhou. A niche educational sub. Wtf.


Reddit is not filled with NeoNazi users. It’s just that Reddit wants to do an IPO and therefore censoring everything that deviates from the mainstream narrative as not to hurt the share price. It’s not ideological, just business.

if there are 4 libs and one nazi, and all agree with the nazi, then there are 5 nazis

You get banned by the mods if you disagree with the narrative.

good choice, I thought it was just me

Getting out of main social midias is like quitting drugs.

Seriously. Abandoning reddit, facebook etc feels like retiring from some god awful shit job.

Perma suspend for my account was surprisingly lifted, but I will delete account anyway when GenZedong gets eventually banned. That site at this point is 100% used for pure nazi propaganda filled with pedophiles, incest and gore subs etc. Reddit is literally if DARK WEEB PAGE SURFACED ON NORMAL INTERNET!



I deleted my Reddit almost 2 years ago. I can say I am a much happier person since.

Yeah just saw some shit like this post… those people have lost their damned minds

i’ve a few lifelines and smaller non-political communities on reddit so i can’t exactly quit per se, but i agree with your entire stance and i stay off of news and political subreddits, always have. but i do fully agree, even if due to things found nowhere else i still need to use the platform unfortunately.

ass holes are probably over represented on political reddit

We are naturally disgusted by it considering our passion for the end of oppression and exploitation, but we must have a certain detachment from these social phenomena if they are straining our mental health.

We shouldn’t feel surprised, nor moved by the fact that these social media promote racist and fascist ideologies to fulfill the interest of corporations.

You shouldn’t feel offended, you shouldn’t feel bad, you should feel mad, you should be angered by the fact that the plutocracy of shareholders decide to promote racism simply to keep us divided and struggling between ourselves so that we won’t struggle against our class enemies!

I understand racism, gender discrimination and other oppressive structures of society affects us directly everyday, but when we understand its causes, we feel moved to end this fucking curse bourgeois society has preserved among our people

Same. I was wondering if im going insane. True colours of the west revealed.

This is exactly how I felt. They all let out what was going on in their hearts simultaneously. I always had an inkling in the back of my mind that if things get tough they’d just revert back to fascism (with the whole “society is 3 meals away from chaos” thing), but I did not think it would be so easy! That just as long as the right propaganda is broadcasted on TV and social media showing them what they want they’d immediately go full Nazi.

People say “mask is slipping” but this is more like the government was keeping their mask forcibly on their face and the moment they were given permission to not wear it anymore they all violently teared away from their face.

It’s so fucking tiring having to watch people approach serious world issues like fads where fhey try to farm as much positive attention from friends and family possible with minimal intellectual thought given.

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