It’s a heart, the symbol for love. It’s a completely normal thing to post to anyone.

I use it quite often with my friends, but we know each other enough that there us no doubt. I would like to use it more with people I know less but I am afraid it could be misunderstood. Still, it may be easier for me as an hetero male. My main fear is to appear inappropriatee. I don’t really risk “pussypic” (I just realized the female equivalent of dickpic doesn’t even exist in my head, never saw it before.)

would like to use it more with people I know less but I am afraid it could be misunderstood

My feelings exactly!

What a sad demonstration of the violence of intergender (or even intra-gender in fact) relationship under the patriarchy… Being afraid of expressing love and appreciation to another human being.

I use it all the time, to help normalize it. 💜 I even use it at work as an acknowledgement instead of a thumbs up most of the time. I haven’t had anyone ask me why I use hearts or misunderstand it to be honest, but it’s nothing a quick conversation can’t fix. Then again, I don’t get a metric ton of unsolicited dick pics, so perhaps my tolerance level for inappropriate nonsense is a bit higher.

Kino Eye ☭

I’m a man (in public at least lol) and I send hearts to pretty much everyone I consider a friend, of all genders.

I use the heart symbol all the time, as a symbol of love (to the ones that i really love) or as a symbol of appreciation for things that they have done, i don’t think anyone has ever mistaken it and to normalize spreading love to all my cis-gendered male friends. ❤️

I never use it. I personally think words sound more genuine.


apparently the colour of the heart emoji can indicate the intention, but it’s not a standard thing and kinda pointless. if you use it a lot and in non suggestive messages then you normalise it and remove any inherent value it has. if you never use it and then send it to someone once it may seem like it’s a romantic gesture, i don’t use it unless the other person does it in a clearly platonic or romantic way, then i can gauge what it means to them. and i mostly use the emoticon equivalent <3 which seems to be a more friendly heart imo

As a male, its probably easier to get away with, so yes sometimes I use the ❤️ emoji. I have never sent a dick pic or received one.

If you’re feeling flirty, why not? Some people will like it more, some less.

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