Basic Income is often promoted as an idea that will solve inequality and make people less dependent on capitalist employment. However, it will instead aggravate inequality and reduce social programs that benefit the majority of people. At its Winnipeg 2016 Biennial Convention, the Canadian Liberal Party passed a resolution in support of “Basic Income.” The

It will also even further alienate people from labour, weaken the working class, dramatically increase ranks of lumpenproletariat and expand not even the ultimate reserve army of labour, but an army of needless people - knowing how capitalist operate and what happened at the last big upheaval when the USSR fell, UBI will quite possibly be a prelude to genocide by poverty.

it is intended to provide political cover for the elimination of social programs and the privatization of social services

This is what it is, they even say it openly, neoliberals would not be ever proposing it if it was not in the interest of capital.

I thought the US’s covid policy was already genocide by poverty. UBI sounds like a lot of extra steps to reach that goal at this point.

The politicians pushing this are nobodies. Yang’s party exists only to diminish the left. The ruling class knows socialism is gaining popularity, this is their opportunity to steal that energy and direct it into space. They will never win, and therefore never have a chance to implement this policy.

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