both suck of course, fuck cars.


I thought the images of these trucks were jokes, photoshopped memes. Or some obscure modified model. The are… are the real???

I’m in Spain, and have never something like that. I don’t think it would even be legal here, that wouldn’t fit into our streets and parking spots.

unfortunately it’s legal in Germany and I see more and more of these ridiculous cars here.


bUt MuH sAfEty!1

They are real, and living in America, these ridiculously oversized SUVs and pick-up trucks are well over half of the cars I see on the road, and I guarantee none of their owners use them for anything more than going to and from their kids’ school, to buy groceries, or to compensate for something.

The Dodge Ram: does exactly what it says on the tin.

deleted by creator

My brother in law is an old mailman. He always told me that he was going to pay for his daughters graduation when he retired. Well he skipped retirement and bought a 1ton Dodge diesel truck. He literally knows nothing about diesels and hauls nothing. I’m 6’ tall and if I walk in front of this thing, you can see my head. It’s 1 fill up old and you can already see dust and scratches on it. Best of all the entire 4ft long bed can definitely haul like a refrigerator standing up and another refrigerator standing up right next to the first one. Same amount of space as in a kei truck from Japan but 6000lb heavier.

It’s not all bad news though. In the kei truck you would probably definitely die in a 75mph accident if you were going down hill with a tail wind pushing you to 75mph. You probably wouldn’t care about what happens next. On the other hand, the owner of the dodge ram that smashed you, he will be paying for that mistake until his death or homelessness.

I don’t even understand what possible use case trucks like that would have in an industrial application.

industrial application

Towing and carrying crew. Let’s say you have a heavy duty trailer for hauling supplies or equipment. You need towing capacity at this level. Then to eliminate a chase car for a crew of 3 to 5 you need a decent cab. Trust me that a tiny backseat is not acceptable (try exercising for 8 hrs straight and then holding a crunched up position for an hour and you’ll get the point).

All of that to say that there are real uses for vehicles like this, but most people who buy them don’t have those needs. Nobody would buy a semi to tool around town in. It doesn’t make any sense that these are treated differently.

I’m so used to pick up truck culture I’d be happy if we actually transitioned to car culture over here

In my country they are so big you need a truck driver license

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