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The white population in South Africa is still much more well off than the black population, land reform has been a failure, our attempt at integrating marginalised people into the economy via a thing called BEE (black economic empowerment) has been a failure, our infrastructure is still white supremacist, we’re still struggling so much with inequality (most unequal country in the world if I’m correct), our education still lacks, you still have people who benefited and even participated in apartheid in places of power, and the list really goes on

Remember that capitalism itself is entangled with white supremacy, as well. White supremacy is very present in my country, even to the point where some people (even POC) think apartheid was better.

We have a lot of work to do, but I doubt much struggle against it will happen, as a Liberal “colourblind” rhetoric has also been making its rounds in political discussion. Of course, nothing will truly change unless we achieve a socialist South Africa that can work on the liberation of all from systems of oppression. 🇿🇦❤


I just don’t see any way that bourgeois democracies can politically carry out land reform. Are there any parties openly pushing for disenfranchising / reclaiming land from the white minority?

You have the EFF, a populist party, who helped to really spark the conversation around it. A few years ago we had a party called Black First Land First who really focused their efforts on protesting for it, but as far as I know they are currently banned from any electoral process because of “hate speech”.

non-diegetic screams

Thanks for the knowledge, comrade!

Even countries like India where there is no remnant settler population have decolonisation left to do. Meanwhile South Africa still has a significant white population that is economically much better off than the native population. South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world in terms of wealth distribution.

What they have to do is something I have no idea about. I am not versed in South African history. Or African history in general.

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