London Fire Brigade, which has been calling for a ban on disposable barbecues, said it was "good news" and wants to work with retailers to "reduce the risk of dangerous grass fires".

People like this don’t give a dime about the environment, they would even eat meat every day.

Oh… wait a minute…

Good riddance, I hate disposable barbecues. You want to have a barbecue wherever you travel? Get a portable grill instead, not this piece of soon-to-be garbage.

I’ve never even heard of a disposable barbecue, was this item commonplace??

Still is in my country. You can get them at almost any store or at any gas station. It’s nuts.

I think they’re terrible for the environment too, but I don’t remember why.

Oh, for sure. Most of is made of aluminum which, if not recycled, apparently takes 200-500 years to decompose.

I couldn’t find a specific reason online, so I probably misremember. It’s just the throw away nature of the thing then.

They’re terrible for the grass that they’re used on, it burns the stuff beneath it.

Yeah, I can imagine. Some of the ones I’ve seen came with a small stand to get around this problem, which was really just a bent wire, but I guess this solution isn’t exactly commonplace. Not that it matters, disposable barbecues are a flawed concept to begin with and they should just go away.

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