Anything you all use would be appreciated


people’s dispatch, they also do a talkshow, on yt, with their journalists for daily stuff which gets a lot of good info out

closely related to the tri continental institute/vijay/btnews crew/the punch out/ben norton/the left lens/guerrilla pod. looks like they’re all friends and frequently lift each others work up for a leftist voice that’s severely lacking


should also note dongsheng news as a part of tri continental institute. doing reporting on africa/china relations, also have a yt channel

on a personal/irrelevant note, i wish rania khalek would take me back to lebanon with her and wife me

edit 2:

also worth mentioning that many of these journalists/orgs were part of this years /people’s summit/, and there’s many more to check out. so many really beautiful people from all around the world were a part of that, many of them journalists or part of organizations well worth keeping up with. official website

edit 3:

also, if you are in usa or curious about usa, can’t forget fight back news, they also have a podcast with a lot of really good interviews with long-time organizers from many working class movements, i just listen on yt. their red-theory articles has been some good and concise marxist theory, and they have those red aloud through the tankie talk yt channel

edit 4:

adding more conveniance links to stuff.

also, want to mention makc (millennials are killing capitalism), they do a lot of great interviews with organizers in the struggle, some of it international struggles

I can also recommend mronline. They aggregate interesting posts from different leftist blogs around the web, so you can always stumble upon a new blogger you might like.

The New Atlas does good videos about U.S.-backed destabilization efforts in various countries (think updates on CIA and NED-instigated color revolution activities), normally he focuses on Asia as he is located there but lately he gives detailed updates on Ukraine and cites his sources. He is former military so he has some interesting things to say when he calls out Western lies and hyperboles about what is going on there.



  • Al Mayadeen

  • The cradle (Most of pepe Escobar’s stuff ends up here)

  • Strategic culture (be careful around certain authors on this site it can veer off the deep end - most of Alastair Crooke’s stuff ends up here)

  • Moon of Alabama (terrific)

  • Asia Times

  • Dongsheng


Specific authors to follow who do not have twitter -

  • Pepe Escobar (a bit out there sometimes but great raw data - his earlier stuff in central asia is fascinating)

  • Alastair Crooke - a bit right of center but really good even-keeled analysis of West asia - be careful though he’s former MI6

Twitter - follow good people and it is a great source of info - not all below are marxist but they are good sources of information (my main advice for twitter is to only follow a very limited number of accounts so you keep track)

  • Sirius Report (finance and int’l trade)

  • Walter Bloomberg (finance)

  • FXHedge (finance)

  • Bidet Marxman (great deep dives on random issues with excellent ML background)

  • gumby4christ (America’s fascist deep state analysis)

  • Roderic Day (GOAT for Marxist analysis)

  • Seyed Marandi(Iran)

  • Ben Norton (GOAT)

  • Consortium News (great variety)

  • Alan Macleod (GOAT)

  • Caitlin Johnstone (subjective analysis a bit libertarian sometimes)

  • Robert Skvarla (US conspiracies)

  • Carl Zha (china)

  • Arnaud Bertrand (china/intl trade/politics)

  • Dongsheng news (massive one for China imo)

  • Kawsachun News (latin America)

  • Brasil Wire (brazil)

  • Al Mayadeen (Middle East but overall one of the best/most underrated imo)

  • Taseenov (Latin america)

  • Africa Archives (africa)

  • Thomas C. Mountain (Eastern africa)

Trend tracking

  • Trading economics (they have a twitter but they spam too much)

Youtube - Just to add (multipolarista and BT news are great)

  • Richard Medhurst (West asia analysis but be careful he invites too many nuts on for my taste, great interviews with Scott Ritter and marandi though)

Isn’t Moon of Alabama a far right racist site?


first saw them for honest reporting on the russia/ukraine conflict. haven’t seen anything far right from them. seems very anti establishment/liberal media. could have missed something tho, so I am curious if there’s anything to back up that claim


Not at all, you may want to check your sources on that . They are not ML but they have great articles and good comment sections. They are Roderic Day approved.

Twitter is such a blessing/curse. There’s some great content on there and it’s a good way to quickly digest the news. However, there is SO much trash on there.

It’s probably best to avoid reading most replies. For example, Ben Norton gets tons of braindead trolls.

I ended up deleting my personal account and making a private account that I use just to follow people. I don’t interact with anyone on there AT ALL and my life has been much better.

Definitely agree about only following a small number of high quality accounts. On my old account I ended up following a bunch of small time ML accounts. Most of them seemed nice but they would spend most of their time arguing/QT’ing libs and fascists. I don’t think this is a productive way to spend time.

I’ve been meaning to just link mastodon to the accounts I follow but I’ve been lazy.


I don’t think this is a productive way to spend time.

100% agree on that and Roderic has had some interesting back and forths on this topic. On one hand it is necessary and good to counter liberal/fascist propaganda but on the other hand, if you spend all your time on that you will never move the ball down the field.

I mean I love seeing a bozo get dunked on every now and then but most of these people are not worth the effort to interact with. Spend time learning something new or organizing with people who will listen.

  • Multipolarista/Ben Norton
  • American Prestige
  • Socialist Program with Brian Becker/Breakthrough News

Great recs! And to add:

  • The Punch Out with Eugene Puryear

I’ll have to check that out. I believe he is associated with The Socialist Program?

It’s so good! Eugene Puryear definitely appears on the Socialist Program pretty frequently.

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