When we were moving back to Canada, we knew we'd need a car, but we couldn't afford one after the move. Thankfully, we found an electric bakfiets, and not on...

My wife loves the idea of these. I saw a bunch in the Netherlands and I thought they were pretty cool. Unfortunately these are really expensive so the only way is to make my own.

I really want one of these at some point, but currently my “bike parking” is my bike just sitting in my living room. It’s already bad, and a bakfiets would make it worse. Whenever I next move, a strict requirement is a place to put a bakfiets. I already do all my shopping via bike, but I frequently am near my bags’ limit. It would also be useful for bringing other cargo that doesn’t play nice with bags like a casserole.


It’s not a bakfiets, and it’s expensive, but for small spaces, look at this trick a Tern bike can do: https://cdn10.bigcommerce.com/s-6ahcroh/product_images/uploaded_images/verticalposition.2.png

These bikes are yet another successful industrial campaign to get you to buy shit you don’t need. And the bike are fucking expensive. But what can you do? People are leaving their normal bikes for expensive special purpose bikes that are to be replaced by the next industrial campaign to sell you shit you don’t really need.

What you need is a good bike or ebike, and useful and well made additions like bicycle bags that are actually made to transport stuff. Those do exist, but sadly most bags on the market are stupid fancy shit that don’t even remotely use the capability they could. Or a well made trailer. You can pack a shit load on a trailer, and here’s the kicker: They have additional tyres and can be self-braking, and you can balance the load within the trailer.

The problem with these solutions: They are modular. And that means less sales, because you can reuse things you already have, and you can use one thing for multiple use cases. Corporations hate that. They want to sell you a full and non-modular solution for every imaginable use case, individually of course.


Respectfully disagree. I have something similar to a bakefiets, with a large box on a longtail frame (https://madsencycles.com) . The box has seats and 4 seatbelts for kids, and enough room to comfortably carry my 2 kids, both their bikes and enough gear to get through a couple days (we’ve done overnight camping this way). There’s no pannier that can do all that at once, and the largest trailer I’ve seen for sale doesn’t fit a 6 and a 9-year-old at the same time. When they get tired on group rides, I can easily hop them in the bin and tow their bikes, and that comes up a lot for me.

Even for quick runs to the store, I can comfortably carry as much or more than the trunk of my car, and far more than any of my bikes with panniers, and I don’t have to fuss with clipping them on or attaching a trailer. For a family, a bakefiets makes a ton of sense, which is why they’re so popular in areas with decent streets for biking.

I’m taking my not-quite-a-bakfiets out to an event in a couple days filled with ice and enough cold drinks for everybody on the ride!

Yeah. Right. I see the troll game gets stronger and stronger on Lemmy. Good for you!

I’m not a shill, and I see the value of a cargo-bike. You should watch the video if you havn’t.

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