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Old society is not going to leave the scene peacefully. They will go down kicking and screaming, until their last breath leeching energy and matter from the planet and all of us. When they die anyway, why should they let us survive?

So, should we have a SolarPunk warfare available to defend the planet (including ourselves) against “apres nous, le deluge” strategy of planet destroyers?

There was an attempt to create similar kind of warfare, within the ranks of US Army, of all imaginable places. The 1st Earth Battalion, if not exactly what we may imagine, was certainly planet-oriented.

So, what do you think of the initial question? And if we need it, do you know any examples that could help us answer it and, perhaps, develop the idea towards implementation?


Solar-punk, at least the anarchist sub-current was sort of created as a counter to eco-terrorist tendencies in anti-civ / an-prim communities, to give people a positive alternative to what is a slippery slope to eco-fascism.

So no, I don’t think solar-punk warfare would be a good idea. However, seed bombing and other subversive forms of guerilla gardening are very much part of Solarpunk.

8Petros (he/him)

Sounds like a plan.

Move quietly and plant things :)

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