Especially yesterday, lemmygrad wasn’t loading at all; salty libs are finding new ways to “brigade” us lmao. To any liberal lurkers: fuck you, Communism will win, 中国共产党万岁!

Hey lib lurkers:

  1. Harry Potter sucks
  2. Marvel is for babies
  3. Biden is 🗑
  1. NATO is the world’s largest white supremacist organization
  2. Libs have soft hands and making PowerPoint decks isn’t hard work.
  1. Harry Potter books were only successful because a generation of kids felt like their parents didn’t want them.
  1. The Ukraine does have a fascist problem and a Jewish head of state does not change that fact
  1. our music is better
  1. A communist will be president before a Clinton is again.
  1. “Kyiv” is a pointless transliteration that achieves nothing.
  1. It’s known as Ziev now.

This is the most milketoast way to piss them off. The worst part is it’ll do more to hurt them than anything that actually matters 😂

cw suicide

liberals rn

Harry Potter is a great children book. And I am ready to die on this hill.


I appreciate you sharing your wrong opinion.

Weilai Hope

I read this years ago before becoming a Marxist and it made sense. Now it makes even more sense.


gotta love teaching children that class based on the purity of your blood is ok and that slaves actually love being slaves and that the status quo of opressing all other magical life is ok but J.K Rowling rolling dice Hagrid… is a leather daddy

I’d rather have children watching the OG Spider-Man beating up green bilionaires and comically sized oligarchs

Loooooooooooooooool this is so perfect


DDOSing a community run, open source website is legit one of the saddest things you can do

Dear Anticommunist. Ya’ll are fucking assholes. And i hope your capitalist masters killed you in the nearest imperialistic war.

nah, re-education is better

Can we organize some DDOS protection? I don’t know shit about computers. But I am willing to help or chip in a few bucks.

Wait rlly? If so, then lmao, lib lurkers in here, fuck off and ne’er come back lmao, communism will win, cope and seethe while u still can.

Tbh I’m surprised that liberals have enough conviction or spine to do that

I don’t think its the libs doing this…

Oh yes it’s the libs doing this. Fuckers on Reddit were saying about that, check previous posts here.

I think its the fashies, they are more experienced at the trolling aspect.

Tomato Tomato, scratch a liberal.

I haven’t even noticed it. Every time I’ve hopped on here in the past few days it’s loaded fine. If they are attacking it they are doing a shit job lol. Regardless they’ll get bored and find some shiny new thing to cope and seethe over soon enough.

Weilai Hope

They really are sad little losers.

Knowing how much r/GenZedong made libs seethe this isn’t surprising but it’s still sad that they found lemmygrad.

I think it is great that they found lemmygrad. That means that a lot of people hear about this website. We are doing a great job.

Socialism or Extinction. Libs, cope and seethe all you want. Communism is humanity’s future.

Well it could simply be that the server wasn’t prepared for the load of the new users coming from Reddit. From a DDoS I’d expect a more serious disservice than what we’ve experienced

Comrade RIGSBY

I spoke to a lemmy volunteer and they said that people are ddosing the servers and spamming account creation.

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