I’m willing to wager that any amount of critical analysis of the war in Ukraine was what was “beyond the boundaries of acceptable political discourse.” How much are you willing to bet that the reason this was posted in an alt account was because it was posted by someone that historically has never once given a shit about “hate subs” prior til they found a resilient enough group that opposes the imperial marching orders. On their original account I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d see them advocate for outright hate and fascism themselves.

Lol like I made a point yesterday that showing any information against Ukrainian war crimes is a ban on most social media. But using the platform to be bloodthirsty towards Russia is an okay thing? Yes it seems that way now.

Getting strong hall monitor vibes from this person

what I wonder is do they actually go through the posts and read them, or just see the name and description and make a bunch of assumptions? I cant figure out if they genuinely believe the stuff they’re saying or if they’re blatantly lying


They 100% genuinely believe the stuff they’re saying. Western propaganda has unknowingly radicalized them. Unfortunately it’s nearly a hermetic seal; robust enough that they legitimately believe - somehow - that we’re closer to Nazism than the US funded Nazis.

Imperialists have sunk so much money into the media to construct a fairly self-consistent false reality where all they have to do to justify banishment is reference other non-existent torts, like Uyghur genocide denial, and the facade is maintained.


oh no, because thats totally illegal. if you dont like the “$currentgoodguys”, then you are pro war and pro suffering and awful human being !!!

a true mask off moment for shitlibs, and all this insanity is going to carve out a lifetime enemy of an entire nation. congratulations. its like nobody ever paid attention on history lessons, even if a lot of them were a wee bit tweaked to fit the narrative. jfc


GZD mods, did the reddit admins say anything before this quarantine?

They’ve been complaining for years. I think the r/Russia ban was the writing on the wall

/sino will propably get the same treatment once tensions between China and the US are escalated by the latter. Only a matter of time now.

Who cares about the exact reason, they can find any reason to silence speech from the sub.


They also said the war is good because it hurts the US. A take that is anti communist inherently

Who knows what an anti-communist take is: Big Kim Jong-un or some nerd in Arkansas?

“They ignore what is happening in East Turkestan, Hong Kong and Tibet!” - Some totally not Jihadist on that sub.

Imagine being such a loser that you did all that research to try to get a small sub banned. Libs get off on being snitches.

Paid actors. No one sane would expend so much time doing that.


“I’m telling mom!!”

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