Regulators are close to stopping Meta from sending EU data to the US, bringing a years-long privacy battle to a head.

Cool! Looking forward to it.

I wish, but it won’t happen

Fun as it is to think about, I have trouble believing the EU will do anything beyond sabre-rattling.

I read somewhere that if the article title ends with a question mark, the answer is most a NO and usually is clickbait.'s_law_of_headlines

that’s going to be interesting. I wonder how facebook users will react. They either are going to riot or maybe all shrug and say well facebook was shit anyways?

they’ll all go to tiktok

Nah, let’s tell them about Friendica and they will be happy


it would be better if they just left social media entirely, its majority is highly controlled and plagued with uselessness.

Well, Friendica is libre software and a federated social network. Not highly controlled.

As with plagued with uselessness… Actually, doesn’t differ from the real world. Depends on who/what you like to see (at least on fedi platforms, where you choose, not a heuristic algorithm).


I have no opinions on Friendica, I was just talking wider social media.

but a message will be sent

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