Глава «Энергоатома» считает, что ВСУ не дадут подключить Запорожскую АЭС к России: EADaily
ВСУ перебьют линии, по которым Запорожскую АЭС могут подключить к российской энергосистеме.

Crosspost from: lemmygrad.ml/post/346815

Head of Ukrainian Energoatom Piotr Kotin has suggested using artillery to destroy power lines going from the power plant.

At the same time, UAF have began shelling the nuclear power plant with MLRS and plain artillery, as well as the nuclear waste storage.


What kind of idiot does something like this? It’s not like another nuclear disaster is something Ukraine particularly needs.


Zelensky, Arestovich and other psychos. And while it’s not something Ukraine needs, it would likely serve the interests of their masters over in Washington and London.

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