Research has implications for urban gardening and food production.

Soil contamination, yikes

This is based on research in Australia, but I imagine it applies in every developed area where lead paint and/or lead pipes used to be common


You absolutely should be aware of what you let livestock graze on as well as some plants and definitely fungi can uptake toxins from contaminated soil. Be aware of this if you’re growing or foraging in an urban orindustrial area.

Getting your soil properly tested is a good idea but a big hassle and can lead to liability issues and insurance cost increases. If your soil is contaminated, remediation is quite expensive and from my limited knowledge of the process is that they dig up the topsoil, ship it to a treatment facility, and truck it back to your property. I dont think replacing the soil with other soil is often done but I could be wrong.

down daemon

i have the same concerns with hippies and their guerilla roadside gardening, at least get some soil samples tested at the local college

Yeah, that reminds me of the “raw water” craze, or even how backyard insects will tend to have more parasites than insects that are specifically-grown for human consumption

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