VLC Media Player has been banned in India, but this happened nearly 2 months ago. Neither the company nor the Indian government has revealed any details about the ban.

I enjoy how this article makes you read through 4 summaries of the content before making you read through a lengthy explanation that no details are known.

Most mainstream Indian journalism is basically spam

Maybe because VLC permits the download in streaming of Videos from YT and others.

According to Videolan org there is officially no motive communicated yet, but as the article points out there’s a correlation that some viruses used forked VLC as a means of reaching targets lately. It’s not far-fetched to imagine that someone, somewhere in an office who has no idea what “compiling” even means thought they need to block the (official) VLC website to stop the infections.

Ok, the usual problem of legislators who correct a Word document with Tip-Ex

Sometimes governments do really stupid things. It’s amazing people are find with expanding their scope of power.

Banning a FOSS project? Yeah Indian government is nuts

I can access it

maybe it depends on the ISP, I can’t access it. (if your ISP is airtel, most of these might not be blocked, not sure why but airtel tends to not block some of the sites that other ISPs do)

You could start browsing via Tor network to skip blocks like those. So you can download directly from VLC official website using Tor (and be sure you are using always HTTPS also for the download link).

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