Where are all my pro-Putin internet leninist fanboys who one week ago were lauging their ass off about the crazy idea that Putin would invade Ukraine?

Biden “senses” that Russia will invade Ukraine in “next several days”. This time for sure. 😂

Russian Foreign Ministry called on Western media outlets to publish a full list of dates on which Russia will invade Ukraine for the year ahead, so diplomats can schedule their vacations accordingly

Sounds like one week ago, all the pro-Putin narrative was along the lines of “NATO is the evil guy escalating violence by deploying military stuff”. Now it’s all become “Putin had to take actions first by invading a sovereign nation because of NATO is evil”.

I strongly recommend you read again George Orwell’s 1984. It sounds like your skepticism is well-oiled for western propaganda, but it’s not calibrated for other brands of psyops.

Don’t listen to me, take it from:

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