Schools are encouraging students to use mental health chatbots to address a surge in depression and anxiety. Critics worry they’re a Band-Aid solution unsupported by evidence

THX 1138 is finally here!

critics worry…they’re unsupported by evidence

TBF most of psychotherapy is unsupported by evidence 🤣

Results can be evidence, though.

Not if the metrics are arbitrary and capricious.

down daemon

i MIGHT try it as an experiment, without taking it too seriously, if they had to follow HIPPA, but i really doubt they will

The people who allowed this should be sued into oblivion.

Yet another opportunity to harvest data

Their privacy policy seems to be adamant about not sharing transcripts, but they do store them. Although they still do things in house… Yea, this doesn’t seem to great on second thoughts

Reminds me of ELIZA

Ask any psychiatrist just how important real human to human communication in treating any mental illness is. When they sit you down and talk to you, it goes far beyond just the words.

Helix 🧬

How depressing. I’d feel insulted if my school or insurance recommended this to me as an alternative to therapy. Sure, it can be a supplement, but apps can’t replace human interaction.

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