Old laptop hard drives will allegedly crash when exposed to Janet Jackson music
Problem has been assigned an official CVE ID, despite lack of specifics.

It sounds like something out of an urban legend: Some Windows XP-era laptops using 5400 RPM spinning hard drives can allegedly be forced to crash when exposed to Janet Jackson’s 1989 hit “Rhythm Nation.”

But Microsoft Software Engineer Raymond Chen stands by the story in a blog post published earlier this week, and the vulnerability has been issued an official CVE ID by The Mitre Corporation, lending it more credibility.


[listens to the song]

Y’know, with the urban myth that it could kill an old HDD, I expected something a lot more aggressive sounding.

I also crash with songs like this, with reggeton I do too, then my faith in humanity needs a reset

I don’t like reggaeton either but why are people so adamant on hating it? It’s just Latin American music to dance and have fun to

No, if you remove the music they call it macho sexual harassment, the music has nothing to do with Latin music, it just uses its rhythm.

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