Former members of The Satanic Temple - Washington are being unjustly targeted … Leah Fishbaugh needs your support for Legal Fund for Victims of Satanic Temple
The Satanic Temple: Empathy, Reason, Advocacy
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Welcome to the UNOFFICIAL sublemmy for The Satanic Temple and Satanists who identify with the Seven Tenets. This is the best place on Lemmy for TST-related news, blogs, questions, memes, art, merch, discussion topics, and more. Enjoy your stay, and Hail Satan!

Official website:


  1. Follow the Seven Tenets of The Satanic Temple. You can find them on TST’s website.
  2. No Visual Sexual Content. Decision is up to mods. If unsure ask. Common exceptions will be things like the school system’s idea of “Sex Ed”. If your post contains non-sexual nudity, please mark NSFW.
  3. No Proselytizing. Defined here as: To attempt to convert someone to one’s own religious faith. This is a TST sub, but since membership here is not restricted to TST members, we ask only that you respect the choice of other Lemmurs in this regard.
  4. No Doxing. Any mention of another user’s inexplicitly-disclosed personal info will result in a ban, severity of which will be determined according to the offense. It is no secret that there are others who would like to see us harmed or harassed; our Lemmy pseudonyms are an important line of defense against this. Do not act against this defense.

Rules and description taken from TST’s unofficial subreddit:

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