Welp, at least I have my electricity.

I’m suffering please xi liberate me

You know, Belarus, Moldova and possibly Transnistria should at least be considered countries in existance.

They’re only showing EU countries + Russia. I mean, they could include the whole world, but that’s not the distinction the graphic is trying to draw because it’s the EU that sanctions Russia.

Lol, I bet Putin is really mad. He could be making tons of profits but the smart Europeans won’t let him!

russia’s going pretty well atm actually, because the scarcity has made the price of russian oil skyrocket for those they don’t sell at a discount to (thus what’s in the map here). europe and the US still have a lot of sanctions on russia, but also created some ways to navigate around them because europe literally can’t replace its reliance on russia’s energy products in less than five or ten years.

essentially, russia is selling a lot less energy to europe now, but not making much less money from it. really shows how insane it all is: the EU is literally just falling on its own sword to please their american masters

Yes, this is crazy. I wonder how long they’ll be able to keep this lunacy, people are already starting to protest and it’s only going to get worse.

you can only bend something so much until it breaks. i feel like we’re in for a very wild winter

Well I’m sure the moneybags in charge of Gazprom and the like are at least annoyed. Although I would imagine they’re getting their pie anyway

I think if gazprom could sell to these countries the prices wouldn’t be as high. It’s high because gazprom can’t sell to them. I think it’s a joke


IIRC the profits still lead to Gazprom in some way, through various daughter companies etc. So it’s still not hurting Gazprom that much.

I might be wrong though.

I was joking. The EU is committing economic suicide and their arrogant leaders continue to act like everything is fine.

I mean, it might be fine - for them. What exactly do these politicians and capitalists backing them stand to lose? Positions in government? Boo hoo, they’ll either jump ship to some cushy job in NATO apparatus, or retire completely. The proletariat will suffer, of course, but I doubt their concerns are actually taken in consideration by the powers that be.

There is serious case made for the leaders of US vassal countries having such strong ties to the USA that they are really just conscious traitors in every sense of the word. Japan is prime example for this, their economy is in stagnation for 30 years already for no other reason that US wanted it to be, and it’s the effect of Plaza Accords, which was absolutely predictable, yet they still signed it.

EU is on the chopping block now and they will end up worse than Japan if they do not throw off the US yoke.

Quite so! With this perspective, their actions against the interests of the people makes sense

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