I swear these people are secretly accelerationists doing everything they possibly can to destabilize their own system. However because it’s Europe which is the most racist and the most devoid of class consciousness of all places on Earth, it won’t be a communist revolution, it’ll just be a return of fascism.

I find that hard to be true of all of Europe, at least compared to America. Doesn’t Europe have a considerably high unionization rate? Last I checked, about 10% of America’s workforce was in a union.


Depends on the country. 3+ million Belgian people are in a union (total population of 11 million). In The Netherlands it’s less. German and France have good numbers as well.

The original comment is a bit short of nuance I think. In Belgium the Marxist party is making serious leaps forward in terms of support. Leftist groups all over gain traction as material conditions worsen. But so do the right-wing groups. But it’s not just ‘Oh, they are racist and fascism is certainly coming’. We’re combatting that daily with our party over here.


I’m excited to see what will happen in the west this winter


Massive civil unrest I think. There’s tension everywhere.

The important thing for my comrades and I to do is to convince people of our cause, which we’re working on daily.



There seems to be a lot of pessimism regarding Europe in here. Have some faith in your comrades, comrade!

My marxist party has a lot of actions planned. We’re switching to the highest gear of action right now, I barely have a free day coming up with all the things planned. Strikes, protests, outreach, community bonding, it’s all on the agenda. And we’re growing fast. The last energy strike brought 100k+ people to the streets. The next ones will probably be bigger. Things are happening. We’re not letting fascism take over.

No offense but this is cope. Marxism is in the weakest state it can possibly be in the west, the average westerner is still on a “communism killed trillions” mindset. Meanwhile fascists are becoming more and more normalized every day and Ukraine has accelerated this normalization to a great extent. Even before Ukraine the western working class was already scapegoating racial minorities for all their problems and this is doubly true for Europe where the 2015 refugee crisis lead to a massive resurgence of fascism that never went away and growing stronger every day. If you look at what happened in Germany in 1920s the parallels are numerous.

Meanwhile Marxists are a tiny ass niche that are completely and utterly suppressed in both mainstream media as well as social networks on the internet. I’m talking on this website cause r/genzedong got quarantined on reddit. How much do you think that affects the ability of spreading awareness? Lying to ourselves about how bad shit’s gonna get is not constructive IMO.


Why is this cope? Our marxist party has tens of thousands of active members. Every day I go out on the street, I manage to convince new people to join. The party keeps growing in active members and votes.

Sure there’s a long way to go. But to say the daily effort my fellow party members and I go through is a form of cope is wrong.

I’m not saying your efforts is cope. I’m saying believing EU will not fall to fascism is cope. You gotta be ready for it when it does.

Sorry, I live in Britain and recently spent some time in Italy (have connections there) and in both of those, the situation seems a lot more bleak than what you describe. Especially Italy, they’re about to elect a woman who was part of an openly neo-fascist party in the 90s, said party just changed their name but are still made of a lot of the same people now. As for the UK… well…

I dread to see what will happen

maybe her voters should occupy her house, “no matter what she thinks”

Maybe they should demonstrate the functions of a Guillotine, “no matter what she thinks”.

Girl’s making a career




have some more chicken have some more pie it doesn’t matter if it’s boiled or fried

reminds me of that song by “Odd Albert”

Yum yum

Olive greens straight outa Washington DC.

And that’s democracy for you!

Much better than that horrible authoritarian commieland, where people get no say in the actions of the state, amirite?

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