Nooo, now the Chinese population doesn’t have to get cancer in their 20s because of fucking corn syrup and over-prodction

No chips, only fish.


Really really starting to think that the US has bought into it’s own propaganda to such an extent that it doesn’t know wtf they’re doing anymore. I get that they’re loving the war in Ukraine and the insane profits it’s giving the power companies and whatnot, but is no one thinking long term here? What about the CIA? Are they just fucking stupid now? Are they delusional enough to think that WW3 would be good for them? Are they just so used to dominating everything that they’ve lost touch with reality?

On the one hand I am really happy that the west is shooting itself in the foot like this. On the other hand it scares the shit out of me because we all know they won’t hesitate to sacrifice us. Is that the point? I vaguely remember reading somewhere that the US likes to be unpredictable in war. Not just cause that’s hard to counter, but also due to the psychological effect it has on their opponents.

Does anyone have any good theories or explanations?

Does anyone have any good theories or explanations?

Sure, they’ve lost touch with reality.
They’re so used to winning easily,
that they’ve become accustomed that all the mistakes they’re making has no consequences and that any consequences will have a have quick fix.

At the same time there are now heavy consequences attached to their stupidity, to which it previously hadn’t or not long before could be swept under the rug, but never disappeared, making the next stupidity have larger consequences,
so more people are getting aware of the situation.


It sure seems that way, but I’m worried that there’s an angle here I’m not seeing.


Here’s where I drag out my favorite Nasser quote: “The genius of you Americans is that you never make clear-cut stupid moves, only complicated stupid moves which make us wonder if there is something we are missing.”


Extremely accurate

I cannot believe we’re fucking doing this. I know the government’s been itching for a war with China for 60 years but this is just ridiculous.

China doesn’t really need the chips does it, since they’re going to make their own

The machine learning chips in question were only revealed earlier in August. I am not knowledgable about these kind of GPUs but I don’t how they compare in performance compared to the Nvidia or AMD ones.

Regardless even if they are not as good in the beginning I feel they might improve later on.


When the free market suddenly isn’t free

It’s still free. If a murderer is being kicked around by schoolyard bullies, he’s still at large

…US liberals and conservatives alike change their argument of why they’re supposedly better than all the others, instead of changing team.

Part of me almost wishes this would push China to just retake Taiwan and cut the US off from such chips instead. Watching gamers run around screaming and big data guys doing the same as the economy crashes and burns.

Just incredibly brazen. The US is just pushing China’s buttons trying to get a reaction, seeing how far they can bully them, isolate them, impose a high technology blockade and decoupling (which this absolutely is) while hoping to keep their cheap Walmart prices and profits.

After Pelosi visit China sanctioned sand export to Taiwan. Sand is needed for chips production and 90% of sand used in Taiwan was imported from the mainland.

ehh… it would affect far more than gamers and data brokers… basically anything with electricity uses microchips of some sort anymore…

I know. I just find those two being screwed over particularly funny.

Hey now, I’m gonna need to upgrade my GPU in a couple years and prices are already real shit. Don’t make it worse please 😔

I’m actually kinda surprised about this move though. At first, when the article said US officials “asked” Nvidia to stop selling those chips to China, I thought it was a classic “oh pwease Capital owners, can you do this for us 🥺”. Later on in the article though, they’re actually banned from selling those chips. Didn’t really expect that kind of involvement to be honest.

Wasn’t there a bill called “CHIP” or something that had passed recently, whose entire point was to bring some chip manufacturing back stateside so Taiwan couldn’t be used like that? Or was that another one of those “here’s $50 billion dollars, could you maybe think about possibly building a factory here in the US sometime in the next 10-25 years?” sorta deals.

The CHIPS act.

And it’s yet to be seen what it will do. I’ve seen lots of people in communist spaces making fun of it as just being a hand-out to these companies but we’ll have to see. Definitely these companies are pocketing a lot of it buuuut it could be they actually build fabs of some meaningful production capacity here. Most likely if they do it will be after they pass another bill for more money as most of the original will be eaten up in corruption by the companies. Luckily for the US and unfortunately for us they’re still the reserve currency of the world so they can afford to toss another $50 billion or even $100 billion at the problem.

The thing is the US might be serious this time as they did a forced tech transfer on TSMC and also grabbed their lists of customers and other data you’d want if you actually intended to replace them.

And as to the whole needing a new GPU thing. I know your pain. I yearn for the return of days when one can get a not top tier but upper-middle of the pack GPU for $300 a year after release.

The best thing for prices GPU-wise though it won’t help in the next 5 years is China developing and selling their own. Of course it might not help those in the west as they’ll likely ban selling of them here in a protectionist move. Because AMD isn’t going to topple NVIDIA and doesn’t want to challenge them seriously on pricing either and Intel isn’t going to do anything there. China is the only hope but they’ll almost certainly end up banned.

I hope they do bring back some of that manufacturing stateside. From what I understand, the exporting of jobs overseas has really screwed over the workers here, and has screwed over workers overseas through additional exploitation and theft of their national resources.

AMD has made big moves against Intel in the CPU department, so I’d like to think they’d do the same against Nvidia. Handing over most of the GPU market to Nvidia is pretty shit overall. Hadn’t really even considered Intel making GPUs, and now I’m wondering why they haven’t really attempted to make moves in that department. Would’ve thought that with the growth of machine-learning tech, they would’ve at least started R&D for that kind of thing.

I mean I’d prefer they not do so. Because I want the communist power (China) to win and American workers are basically bought off and moving manufacturing back here won’t cause a revolution. The best hope for American revolution is not fetishizing the post-war boom years which didn’t at all produce communism in this country (even before suppression the communist movement in the US never had much wide-spread support, those labor unions that did exist were of the compromising and anti-communist type by and large).

Besides to do so would indicate a plan by the bourgeoisie to immiserate and impoverish vast amounts of Americans to create a pool of suitably cheap manufacturing labor. That or to fill the prisons even further (most made in America stuff at this point is made by prison slave labor). The kind of worst case end result of the abortion ban situation going around with tons of unwanted kids, no futures, desperation, etc. It doesn’t make a ripe situation for revolution.

Frankly the only way you get revolution in the US, the imperial core is for it to be completely crushed. I don’t mean workers alone crushed, I mean the bourgeoisie, the military situation, the financial situation. Yes, workers will suffer but well they’ve chosen to have the blood of billions on their hands for their tiny sliver of the pie the American bourgeoisie hands out to them and have been happily making that deal for a century. The brainwashing is intense and I feel only a complete failure of the system, a collapse of dollar hegemony, a collapse of the financial controls over the globe by the west, a collapse of control over Africa. A collapse over having any kind of market dominance anywhere will bring about the kind of situation where Americans are finally amenable enough to communism to seriously question some of the best brainwashing on earth.

And when it does it won’t be manufacturing workers who bring it. It will be retail workers, it will be service economy workers like in restaurants, it will be “gig” workers who will likely start it.

Frankly the idea of re-industrializing the US is a pipe-dream that could only be brought about through the working of countless horrors on the rest of the world and those in the US leaving us with little hope for a future or revolution.

There is a tendency among some to fetishize the image of the factory worker, to fetishize the notion of manufacturing workers, steel worker men, stereotypical stuff like that as being the vanguard and this idea that without that image existing in some quantities you can’t do it. Well the US missed that train in the 20s, 30s, and again in the 50s and ever since. Development-wise other than the whole slavery and low wage exploitation undercutting prices in the developing world/China the only real way to do it would be heavy automation which wouldn’t provide significant jobs and would probably come along with bribes from the bourgeoisie in the form of a universal basic income to urge the proles into VR pods to work mining NFTs or some other nonsense. It’s honestly horrifying to think about.

What has screwed over workers here is a lack of class consciousness, is a lack of solidarity, is the allowing of neo-liberalism, Reagan, etc to destroy unions and worker bargaining power, to atomize our society further and further, to use cheap red meat division tactics in the liberal political arena to viciously divide people and drive them away from unions, standing up for worker rights, etc. What has screwed over workers here frankly is accepting the anti-communism and viciously upholding it among themselves.

What has screwed them over is accepting the vicious, murderous plundering of the global south by this nation so they can live a little cushier lives off the corpses and bloodied fingers of children.

Bringing back manufacturing to the US would not bring class consciousness. It would not bring back unions. It would not do anything to help US workers and certainly nothing to help global workers long exploited and brutalized by the US empire.

Agree Amerikkka is a truly disgusting thing. The sad attempts by liberals and conservatives to whitewash it and spread idealist lies are useless. Glory to the balkanization and the brutal crushing of our ruling class.


US: bans Chinese scientists from using the ISS

China: makes their own space station, cooler and better

US: bans Nvidia from selling AI chips to China



“Inevitable Indigenous GPU” would make a great name for a rock band

I would be so happy if China started pumping out cheap GPUs that outperformed nvidia and AMD cards, the same way they’re fucking the diamond industry by producing synthetic diamonds that barely anyone can tell apart from real ones.

Please Xi 🙏

Western narratives have given me terrible brainworms. Even if a Chinese GPU is proven to be better than AMD/Nvidia, and at a better price, I’d still have paranoia about there being some kind of hardware level spyware installed.

no, person. reverse engineering is generally good enough they can’t get away with that. but it is known that they put backdoors in our major chip families. see if I can find the articles…

Honestly I care a lot more about US spyware than Chinese spyware, if it’s even real. American spooks are anti-communist and just a border hop away from me.

True enough. I know there’s some bad blood between Communists and Anarchists, but I can’t imagine a Communist party in a country across the globe is going to really care about that for a normal citizen. Can’t really say the same thing about America considering that documentation that came out half a year ago or so that considered Anarchists to be domestic terrorists.

You gotta analyze this stuff. It’s not spyware, it’s a backdoor. What are the uses of a backdoor: information gathering, denial of service, weaponization, information manipulation.

Why would China want to backdoor imperial citizens? Information gathering: on individuals? To what end? Most likely to gauge mass sentiment, not target individuals, except POIs who are all powerful anti-communists. DoS: on individuals, no. On a large scale? Absolutely great mode of attack. Weaponization: same InfoManipulation: maybe to fight propaganda with propaganda. Would be quite difficult.

Why would the imperials want to backdoor imperial citizens. Information gathering: anti-communist violence, extraordinary rendition, personal targetting for harassment DoS: same as above Weaponization: same as China but pro-capital InfoManipulation: same as China but pro-capital

I would rather have a Chinese backdoor in my machine than an American backdoor in my machine.

The only real difference between the 2 scenarios is that imperialists have consequences if they engage in direct identity theft of imperial citizens but Chinese citizens do not have those same consequences, so it’s possible that a government program of backdooring chips bound for the imperial core could result in identity theft by people with access to the Chinese backdoor. But you have to weigh that risk against the risk of an imperial military intelligence backdoor.

NV is so sh*t anyways. Very anti-customer.


they encrypt BIOS, proprietary garbage drivers, etc… AMD is making cutting edge process node chiplets with 3D VCache, and they seem to know what they are doing. NV is making huge dies on older process node that draws toaster watts, and I don’t trust they know what they are doing. Going in on ray tracing tech and cuda tech that is vendor lock in, anti-competitive, other quality suppression trickery, dark silicon blah, …

AMD is clearly better especially with 7000 but I’m still forced to suffer with NV because their stuff is still more generally available. For my workstation I have an R5 340X “Rebranded R7 250”, but I will prob get a NV K80 also since that is prob by far the best thing for $80 even tho it’s monolith 28nm Kepler 2.0, not even sure if there is an interconnect on PCB.

“Oh no. Anyway, heres those chips we have been developing.”

When the US bans specific exports to China, it means that they’re ahead or soon to be ahead in that category.

Anyway, should I get a Huawei next or a Xiaomi?

I had a Huawei phone for years and now I have a Xiaomi. They both make great phones and cheaper than equivalent counterparts. Huawei is a worker coop, but not having Google Services is a pain. I also feel that Xiaomi’s phones are better functionality-wise, and they are more oriented to integrating with other smart technology. So I’d recommend Xiaomi.

I’ll get a Xiaomi then. Thanks!

I have a cheap xiaomi (was 100€ 2 years ago) and the only reason I need to change it is bcs it fell like 100 times and the keyboard is almost unresponsive

Oh damn, but you enjoyed it?

Xiaomi makes perfect chep phones for poor people like me, with 150€ you can buy a phone that will last like 3 years and (if you treat properly, not like me) will be decent

Cool beans.

If you want a Huawei phone, I think you should wait a few years till they get their own chips made.

Oh I see what you mean.

A Xiaomi will give you less troubles software wise. Adjusting to a phone without Google services could be a potential pain in the ass.


I’ve got a Xiaomi Poco, it’s the gaming-oriented brand, I’m very satisfied

That’s the one I got! I’m not even a gamer but the 120hz screen is a joy to use even for just scrolling through social media, it feels like the future. 60hz feels painfully choppy and laggy after that and I could never go back. Again this was only $250 with 128GB storage, 6GB of RAM and an Octa-core CPU. All that would have costed at least 5 times as much on an iPhone, and when this one came out there wasn’t even a 120hz iPhone to begin with so yeah. I can see why they gave the founder an “outstanding builder of socialism” award.

Gaming-oriented? Nice!

Yeah they’ve got a GPU that’s really cool! Online 3D games are 60 FPS stable

Wow damn

I have a Xiaomi and it’s the best phone I’ve ever had. Crazy that it was only $250.

Oh damn, I should get one.

wait we can get chinese phones in the west?


I found them on amazon I didn’t know they were like contraband lmao

I live in Hawaii, its either American imports or bust

Wait they’re hard to get in the US? They’re everywhere in Mexico (brick-and-mortar retailers mark them up though, they’re cheaper online or at grey markets).

Aliexpress assuming you can get a working SIM connection.

I use a Xiaomi Mi 11, and it works very well. But the OS is not the greatest. My only peeve with it, is that it quite aggresively shuts down background applications, unless you do some continuous fiddling with the MIUI options.

But other than that, a great phone!


What’s the difference between MIUI and standard Android and which would you recommend?

Oppo is also quite good from what i see.


Hardware wise they’re quite comparable. I prefer the Huawei Android over Xiaomi Android but that’s really just a personal preference. At some point they’ll both switch to Chinese made OSes anyway, if those aren’t already available outside of China.


China: “I’ll make my own chips.”

deleted by creator

“No, China, not like THAT”

China: Fine, I’ll do it myself.

Not very free market is it 🤨

free for me but not for thee

Wait you thought we said free market? No no we said Three market. As in we will make a minimum of three times you make.

Ah, but that’s exactly how these people define “free market”. “I get everything and you get the privilege of serving me!” is the idea.

Free to exploit 😔


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