Twitter gives in to user requests for edit button
It is testing the feature among staff and will roll it out in the coming weeks to Twitter Blue subscribers.

Madness… This is why mastodon exist

Hopefully this is just another step in digging their own grave and that more people realize the importance of mastodon now.


I don’t need it, so I get to keep my $5.

I don’t need it (Twitter). I have mastodon.

I bet they will excuse it with something like “can you edit your already said words in real life? No? We made it so it would be harder to do that in Twitter.”

It’s also realistic because people with money have a much easier time erasing their mistakes from the public consciousness.

lol…could put this in late stage capitalism as well

It’s already there!

They really missed an opportunity. $5 per use would have been better, and $20 to delete the public edit history. 😁😂

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