I’ve made it through Dialectical and Historical Materialism by Stalin and I think I have the basic concept, but I would appreciate it if I could have some aid in deepening my understanding and application of it.

Any books/sources that are helpful would be great, too.

Thanks in advance :)

when i first starting trying to understand diamat, i had issues with how everyone uses different terminology, and it seemed totally theoretical and couldn’t apply it to the real world. highly recommend this, which is something i read (probably like four times lol) in that process: it has very clear terminology and clear application to multiple real-world examples. would probably suggest reading mao’s on contradiction after that.

after getting a handle on the basic concepts, try applying to things in your life, or just random things. see what contradictions you can find, what poles, and how that contradiction developed over time. once you do it enough you’ll see it everywhere.

I’ll definitely get on reading that. Probably four times as well. I started working on On Contradiction in the car once on a trip. I never picked it back up, which was a mistake.

Thank you! This is great advice and I really appreciate it.

honestly i don’t blame you, on contradiction is short but can be hard to get through without a good background on dialectics beforehand. i think it would be a great read after you’re done with what i shared with you, though.

glad it’s of use to you. let me know if anything is confusing!

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