So what does it mean to be Cuban? No, seriously! Cuba was colonized and the vast majority of people there are not indigenous people, but are of ethnicities that were either the colonizers, or were forced to go to Cuba by the colonizers (namely the large black population of Cuba). So unless their parents/grandparents were indigenous ethnic cubans, which somehow I doubt, and assuming they’re born in the United States to all white parents whose ancestors were in turn the people who actually colonized Cuba (all the original Cuban “defectors” are too old to know how to use Twitter), in what way can they call themselves Cuban? In that case they’re not indigenous cubans, wasn’t even born in Cuba, and have also never actually lived in Cuba or been a Cuban citizen. They’re a United Statian who just so happened to have Cuban parents.

Well they are a self proclaimed fascist too.

How sad and pathetic must one be to openly support fascism, slavery, and a terrorist organisation; and then hide behind a cat picture fearing that people could take one seriously

Criminals, family of corrupted officers from the pre-Communist regimes, and pathological liars all get special status in Western countries to evade consequence for their criminal acts. The Western government officers will hide the deliquency of both the fake refugees and spoiled children that are under bad influence from their fake refugee parents to hide the fact that all the slanders against Communism in school textbook, fake news, and “educational” documentaries are all slanders disguised as objective facts. Even the grassroot communities in Western countries will actively hide the crimes of the fake refugees since the fake refugees who fled from Communist takeover were used as an representation of refugees from other parts of the world. When the brutal authoritarianism of the victim of Communism are exposed, the Western communitues will always blame Communist influence for the toxic behaviors of the victim of Communism even when the victim of Communism make it clear that they fled their old country before Communist takeover to avoid Communist influence and even when the victim of Communism do not get rid of their childish deliquency despite the influence of Liberalism and democracy.

Imagine being such a c*nt you openly identify as fascist. Even most fascists don’t go this far. He’s literally just saying “Yeah and by the way I support exterminating entire ‘races’ of people for being inferior, anyway fuck communism pls feel sorry for me”. The Gusano-cancer has spread to all parts of him smh

Castro didn’t get them all it seems

dude said Israel? Palestine? No. No state solution.


Probably supports Trump’s fever dream ramblings of “let the Palestinians live underground and the Israelis live above ground”.

I wish I was making that up. He actually said that, as president.

A lot of US right wingers make a carve out for Zionists. Pretty old school to hate Israel for antisemitic reasons.

“My grandpa fled Cuba on a raft to escape communism!!!” The grandpa:

At least he comes out and says it


imagine being proud of being a fascist

Oh you see, they are being “ironic” to trigger us.

“It’s propaganda war to intimidate the rooskies”

“Another one for the wall”
– Freddie Mercury, 1980

Lol how did they manage to be THIS scummy?

His family was rich.

Checks out.

Yeah, he was just upset his family had to forfeit their plantation.

Awwwh poor exploiter 😭🤣

Most sane gusano

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Fascists and the far-right often actually support Palestine over Israel due to nationalistic or anti-Western sympathies, but their hatred of Israel is ultimately mostly driven by anti-semitism.

I’m pretty damn confident in saying the only reason these fascists don’t support Israel like they support other Western settler-colonial regimes such as Rhodesia or apartheid South Africa is because the colonizers are Jews.

If it was named the Kingdom of Jerusalem 2.0 or if it was like a crusader state, you bet they’d be supporting it.

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probably some hyper-fash shit where they want to kill both parties for being both jews and muslims

Crusade probably, this shit smells like either DEUS VULT edgelord or one of the murican armageddon nutjobs.

He wants a US military base.

points gun at my back

Oh, wait… i-it’s always been…

Yes, it’s been a US military base all along | the watchtower

Princes kept the view

While all the women came and went

Barefoot servants, too

Outside, in the distance

A wildcat did growl

Two riders were approaching

The wind began to howl

At least they’re not in Cuba.

They should be in Cuba to get what they deserve.


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Yeah I saw it as this after a second look lol, it’s such a mess of a profile.

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