I mean, it makes sense. Which country is more likely to have cheap commodities? The average European country that is committing economic suicide and refusing gas from Russia, or Russia who has cheap gas, commodities and a similar language to yours(important)? It’s no surprise that Russia is their choice.

Russia is stealing Ukranians!11111


So Russia is causing the amount of Ukrainians in Ukraine to lower? Wow, genocide much? You redfash tankies really will twist any narrative to suit yourselves smh my head

Ukraine does not need any help losing Ukrainians thank you very much😤

They can do it themselves:


That’s China’s fault somehow

Also I’m going to bring up Stalin now for some reason

Fr, these tankie fascists never learn.

deleted by creator


UK is missing in the picture.
Still, even when left out, it’s quite a significant number and it reflects a narrative of Western-Ukrainians fleeing to the EU from it’s dire economic situation caused by the war, while Eastern Ukrainians are fleeing to Russia from the war.

Fleeing eastwards also has the advantage of not getting shot at for doing so when you’re male.


deleted by creator


UK’s number is inconsequential. Only 100k-200k.

Yes. There is between 7 and 12 million Ukrainians in Europe now (inluding both EU and Russia) but the numbers are hard to catch exactly, probably including millions of Ukrainians who left between 2014-2022. In Poland alone the number is probably around 4-5 million since estimated population is 42 million now and last census shown 37 million polish citizens.

All in all, we are looking at greatest depopulation since WW2, and majority are in reality refugees from shock therapy, not war.

Weird, since the media was reporting it the other way around

Other EU countries are missing.
But even then, we have millions of Ukrainians prefer Russia which supports the narrative that the Donbass wants independence and the Russian-Ukrainians in all of Eastern Ukraine feel oppressed, while the Western Ukrainians want to escape their economic turmoil and are hoping for a better life in Poland.

Are these the civilians I keep hearing about being “abducted” to Russia?

QYeah. “Abducted” is a tad too strong. Our military and military from LNR and DNR just arranged organized evacuation corridors through which everyone can freely get the necessary help and run off to Russia if they need to. While the Zelenski’s boys were doing everything possible to prevent people from leaving. It explains the difference between the numbers well too.

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