Your attention span is being robbed! –
This is exactly why you can’t focus on reading anything longer than a mobile page length these days. Not even a blog post, let alone a book! Your attention span is being robbed! You are being robbed of the ability to acquire useful info. You are being ROBBED of the experience of learning stuff! Sounds […]

Perhaps ironically this author could have made their point in a much shorter article. I have no issue paying attention to something long that I feel is of good quality. When it’s a seven minute read because you haven’t bothered to reduce the clutter, or because you make the same statement five times, I’m going to lose interest quickly because I’m not sure you have much to say, but rather you just like to hear yourself talk (or in this case, transcribe it).

Yeah, search engine optimization drives bloggers into writing time consuming articles. The first couple paragraphs are often just keyword farming.

I mean if you’re writing a blog to get found by SEO you’re doing it for capitalistic reasons and to think you’re above the same capitalistic demise of ‘journalistic integrity’ is just narcissism at that point.

Bad title

First paragraph repeats “you … robbed” three times… I knew ahead it was going to be bad

What a shitty article lol. They sound like some raving lunatic

the written word is dead, said a guy on the internet.

Our attention span is being robbed and that’s true, but it doesn’t look at all like what he’s describing.

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