Really starting to worry about you there in Europe, comrades. We might get enlisted here in Russia and go to damn war, but the chances of that are slightly smaller than getting damn bills you can’t pay.

getting damn bills you can’t pay

Which is also happening here in Russia

Though we’ve had advances in technology and medicine, our society hasn’t really changed much in like 500 years in terms of social issues.

We still live on rented land, we still labour day in and day out, we still struggle to survive, our rulers still own and regulate all of the land around us, and the lower classes still fight amongst themselves instead of uniting against the class that put them in poverty.

I disagree.
It has changed a lot in terms of social issues.
UK 500 years ago may have had these same social issues,
but the monarchy is close to dead, the overlords are now an ocean away,
the pendelum has swung from getting better to worse in mere decades and the capitalist superpower in the world responsible for this, which stopped most communist revolutions in its tracks in the 20th century is now struggling to keep up with the last remaining communist superpower in the world.

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