One could arguably say the PC game “Star Citizen”. A decade later and close to half a billion raised and still nowhere near completion

Oh god, where do I even start?

  • VidMe and Vlare.
  • Vanillo.
  • 3D TV’s.
  • Onecoin.
  • XML.
  • Ubuntu Touch.
  • OS/2 WARP. (unfortunately.)
  • Mir and Unity. Not the game engine.
  • PeerTube.
  • Foldable smartphones.
  • Virtual assistants.
  • Dual-screen smartphones.
  • Ruqqus.
  • Zune.
  • Windows Phone.
  • Firefox OS.
  • Silverlight.
  • Tru64.
  • Theranos.
  • ZTE Hawkeye.
  • PlayStation Home.
  • There.

Virtual assistants weren’t as big as expected, but I wouldn’t say they flopped.

Also, peertube, foldable smartphones, linux mobile (ubuntu touch might be an exception) are all still in early stages, its a bit early to say they flopped.

To be fair, at least Theranos and Onecoin were outright scams. They were never intended to be the next big thing so much a get even richer quick scheme.

Also, why XML? It’s used everywhere.


I had to do a double take there. I read Theranos as Thanos the first time around :)


Please specify which “crypto”?

Cryptography is doing just fine, thank you very much. I presume you meant “cryptocurrency” here?

Bitcoin should have led to global currency reform, for a start. That failed. It could still lead to energy reform and other important societal progress. But regulation and other factors are killing it.

Bitcoin and its alternatives could never have been a currency. It’s eminently unsuited to that role. (It’s great for Ponzi schemes, extortion schemes, and other criminal enterprises mind.) And how does “using more energy than a medium-sized nation while doing three orders of magnitude fewer transactions than even ONE payment processor” translate to “energy reform”?

Please, dude, stop being a cryptobro. It’s a really bad look.

I’ve spent too much time explaining currency theory to purple who aren’t really interested. So if you have a specific question I can answer it. But not many questions and not a debate.


I think NFTs will be ruined before they begin because companies can’t help themselves but be evil, whereas NFTs should really be about artists getting paid for once.

They’ve already been ruined, they’ve become defined by “art” made by investors solely for profit with no real soul or expression

facebook metaverser, or is it too early to name that yet? Heh heh

The Metaverse demo video showed a shop for NFTs. Bonus flop.


Google glass 👓 😅

  • Ubuntu Touch, unfortunately. Though UBports is keeping it going.
  • Vidme and Vlare, which were both potential alternatives to YouTube but were shut down due to lack of funding.

Vidme and Vlare, which were both potential alternatives to YouTube but were shut down due to lack of funding.

This starts to make sense when you realize that YouTube was confirmed to NOT be making a making a profit as late as 2015, and potentially still isn’t. Apparently, having a profitable video streaming business is just hard. The only reason that Google can do it is because they’re rich AF and can afford to do the shotgun method of continuing to operate it at a loss for a long time and hope it becomes profitable eventually.


It’s been years, and it’s still as slow and unreliable as a when I first heard of it.

Joe Bidet

The Internet as a tool for empowerment of the weak against the powerful, as medium for enhancing democratic participation, as an opportunity to better exercise and protect fundamental freedoms.

Turned out to be a militarized space, a tool for mass surveillance and the spreading of disinformation campaigns, in the hand of a few gigantic actors (funded by In-Q-Tel or otherwise connected to the USG…)

The year of desktop linux Peertube supremacy will be coming soon!

Huh? Peertube is probably the second strongest activitypub based project after Mastodon, at least going by fediverse stats.

Youtube and Twitter are bigger, but I think the fediverse is a long term project, and organic, active and growing userbase, meeting real use cases, attracting development all while fulfilling an underlying vision are the criteria for success, and I think it’s pretty good on those measures.

Capitalism, it was the new hot shit after feudalism, but it just caused colonialism, imperialism, and mass starvation because there has to be an enormous reserve army of labor. It also leads to cyclical economic collapses which impoverish more people at the bottom while enriching people at the top, creating an oligarchy.

Capitalism sounds like feudalism with extra steps.

  • Zune / Windows phone
  • Smart glasses
  • GNU Hurd
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Firefox OS / Devices
  • (soon) SpaceX / Blue Origin
  • Make America Great Again 🤣

I believe there is a fork of Firefox OS made for flip phones.

What was GNU Hurd?

A kernel made by GNU

Make America Great Again

I’d argue that MAGA was successful for its true purpose. It is a slogan that perfectly encapsulates a reactionary mindset. Actually improving America is secondary.

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