Basically, where they claim all data and statistics from China that portrays China in a positive light are fake without any proof ex: China covid data, Yet use data and statistics from China if it can be used to portray China in a negative light ex: Zenz Xinjiang IUD birthrate drop. Is there a name for this, it sounds like a logical fallacy?

It’s partially atrocity propaganda (massively exaggerating legitimate criticism, and sometimes just lying without any basis in reality, and never mentioning anything positive). Not sure if there’s a term that perfectly encompasses all of this behaviour, though


Double standard or genetic fallacy I think. Specifically its Orientalism, the idea that anything an Asian institution says is inherently less trustworthy than a western institution. Or that when westerners do birth control, its good, and when Asians do it, its malicious.

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Yeah cherry picking + fabricating data.

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