Life Expectancy for Native Americans dropped by 6.6 years in just 2 years.

CDC 2019

CDC 2021

That was even in the headlines of news few days ago. Even lib medias just openly say how fucking racist USA is and how covid and housing crisis are making life hell for everyone, but adding new levels of hell for poor and even more stacking for PoC and it’s 9th level of hell for the Natives.

Even lib medias just openly say how fucking racist USA is and how covid and housing crisis are making life hell for everyone

And then same lib media turns around and starts preaching about how China is evil, Russia is literally the devil and USA is the beacon of freedom that must lead the world by example.

Yeah the brainwash went so far that general lib horde just ignores everything not fitting the narration, even if it come from the same source as that narration. And there is the “at least we’re not XXX” argument coming to the rescue in situation where someone actually read and understand the news and needs to be shut up.


only in the US

Mind you if I cross-post this to ! I want to store high-quality evidence of political facts in there. If you’re okay with it, I’ll edit the title to simply state the claim and nothing else.

Sure, I want more people to be aware on how much Native Americans are being screwed over, Its very concerning.

Thanks, all done!

Thank you

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