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Lmao the cringe 😬

Guess you’ve got a new home now rent free too which is always nice 😉

I love how he says if we were right we wouldn’t need propaganda as if he didn’t just make an entire propaganda video.

Absolutely obsessed with the Harry Potter reference

“A mudblood is someone who’s blood has been tainted by the experimental covid vaccines. A pure blood is someone who has pure human dna or worded a different way, someone who has never received a covid vaccine.” -wolfballs-dot-com on reddit

It’s some weird anti-vax thing where they consider that taking the vaccine changed your DNA and made you literally a subhuman. Completely head-empty understanding of biology and medicine, so it only makes sense that they used a term from the only book they’ve ever read

Man’s confusing vaccine with gene therapy

And then asserting that performing gene therapy makes you subhuman.

By that logic just living for a while and having random mutations in your DNA happen makes you subhuman. Guess we all are lol

Arsen6331 ☭

No, that isn’t the case because it ruins his conclusion and libs usually only want you to consider what they say while it’s in their favor because that’s obviously how it works. /s

Confidently incorrect feels a bit lacking for losers like this. Dogmatically idiotic might be more apt.

Dang, I wish someone did the same about me, but funny how these people on wolf balls genuinely took their time to make this vid

That’s genuinely a little sad.

Of course they decided to post on that grifty blockchain video site lol.

better than YT imo

this guy really thinks this him posting this is an own, pretty childish if you ask me.

That was a strangely involved amount of effort they made lol

The busy life of a terminally online fascist 🤣

That (Chinese?) song is an absolute banger. Anyone know the name?

I’m sure this fine upstanding citizen would’ve made a great contribution to the community.

wtf is wolfballs, they are even nafoidposting on stupidpol

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