Now let’s see their reaction to 9/11

never forgetti

Forget what? Did something happen that day?

yeah, the CIA-backed coup of the democratically elected Allende government

Yes, the very concept of telecommunication in China is propaganda. Wherever two Chinese people are speaking there is Chinese propaganda.

I hope everyone was evacuated safely and the reason for the fire properly dealt with.

yeah we love lives, just not chinese ones

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That’s great news, to their great disappointment.

“Propaganda” = actual good communications technology, rather than the laughably bad junk that Apple and Microsoft are putting out

That whole sub is wall material lol

it’s from fucktheccp because of course

I wonder if he was as salty on 9/11

Guarantee he wanted to personally start rounding up and gassing the Muslims.

What do you expect from the people that did abu ghraib?

Just a question, are lib cringe weekends a thing on this community or are these kind of posts allowed all week?

They’re allowed, but there has been the request to put these posts into more topical communities like as ! or ! or ! instead. So that anyone who is bothered by seeing this much liberal cringe can block it and still browse the rest of GenZedong. Relevant thread:

The great thing about Lemmygrad is that we have the entire instance for us communists, so we can have any amount of communities and post into the one whose topic best applies to the post. Especially since Lemmy doesn’t yet have post flairs to use for filtering for specific types of content, I would say that that’s the better approach.

The best part about being openly leftist is that we do what we want, when we want.

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Nah, but why bother splitting hairs between one “CCP state capitalist propaganda factory” and another when you can just be racist?

being racist must make life so simple, something bad is happening? It’s the chinese fault somehow. You shat yourself? Chinese agents put laxatives inside your diet coke.

For some inexplicable reason I imagined a red faced vein bulging Alex Jones screaming the last two sentences.

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