I don’t really know how Lemmy works.


Yes I banned that user, because he consistently broke the site rules, and even kept breaking them after receiving a one week ban. Its really simple, if you dont follow the rules there will be consequences, if not other users will also be encouraged to imitate such bad behaviour.

The way rules work is pretty simple. Whenever you post in a community ending in @lemmy.ml, you are a guest on that instance and need to follow the rules in the sidebar, or face the consequences.

“you are a guest on that instance and need to follow the rules in the sidebar, or face the consequences.”.

Lemmygrad.ml sidebar:

No right-deviationists.

Seanchaí (she/her)

Catra’s beehaw account just got banned for “ban evasion,” and yet the account was made a month ago. How is that ban evasion? They weren’t banned when they made that account. Also: does that mean you’re only ever allowed an account on one instance? If you have accounts on multiple instances (one per instance) and get banned on one, you’re evading a ban by having the others?

Edit: for clarity, Catra’s beehaw account posted on beehaw and was banned for ban evasion. So it’s not like they were even using it to post to lemmy.ml communities

Y’know, nevermind, looking for reasoning in a beehaw moderation decision is a recipe in futility

Also: does that mean you’re only ever allowed an account on one instance? If you have accounts on multiple instances (one per instance) and get banned on one, you’re evading a ban by having the others?

I wouldn’t call it ban evasion unless you were specifically using your other account in that way, rather I think most instances will ban all of a person’s known accounts if they’re banning them, but that’s definitely not a hard and fast rule. Pretty sure there are some instances that don’t even prohibit ban evasion.

Not allowed to say who, but I will say that the beehaw ban was not by the Lemmy.ml admins.

Nahh, I figured that one was still just beehaw be(e)ing beehaw

Just as a rule, we’re not allowed to call out who else did a mod action, but I do tend to self-report my own mod actions just for transparency.

A chara, thanks for taking the time to answer. I’ll just stick to lemmygrad I guess, at least I understand the rules and they seem pretty consistent

What’s beehaws rules compared to lemmy? Do they maintain the same “we don’t ban based on behaviour on other instances” that lemmy tried to defend the wolfballs admin with?

We’re a collective of individuals upset with the way social media has been traditionally governed. A severe lack of moderation has led to major platforms like Facebook to turn into political machinery focused on disinformation campaigns as a way to make profit off of users. Websites with ineffective moderation allow hate speech to proliferate and contribute to the erosion of minority rights and safe spaces. Our goal with Beehaw is to demonstrate and promote a healthier environment.
As a news aggregator and a social media outlet, with a focus on being a safe and accepting space, we strive to create a positive social impact. We will, also, help to connect underprivileged and minority individuals with education and civic participation by promoting a healthier online experience.

I personally find their constant “be(e) nice” shtick and the fact that a lot of banning reasons are just “be nice” to be mildly creepy, but that’s just me

Like a person who never stops smiling

Hmmmmmmmm 🤔

something feels off here but I can’t put my paw on it

Yeah just a

weird vibe

Listen, I have no way of knowing which admin perma-banned Catra. But I do know which admin argued with Dessalines that anti-vax, anti-trans, and anti-feminist rehtoric should be allowed on lemmy.ml

soRrY wHeRe dOeS it sAy tHaT iN tHe RulEs

Idiot hasn’t read their own code of conduct

They really do have stock images for everything

The world is an amazing place 🥰 /s

“This site doesn’t protect all speech”

“But what about MY shitty takes?”

That became apparent to me during the wolfballs thing when he kept arguing that it would be “policing off-site” but uh…the Code of Conduct linked in the lmmy.ml sidebar actually has a provision about Scope, that includes policing actions off-site that may threaten or harm on-site users.


probably, not surprising coming from him.

Say it ain’t so 😭😭, not a permaban!

Ratette (she/her)

Yeah because mean words require decisive action but using lemmy as a recruitment platform for a fascist instance after plenty of proof of the dehumanising ideology of said individual is apparently just free speech.


Honestly surprised that lemmy.ml hasn’t made the shift to advertising as a free-speech instance, since that seems to be what nutomic actually believes in

Ratette (she/her)

Free-speech in this regard meaning “transphobic, homophobic, anti-feminist, fascist adjacent and anti-vax”.

So just mainstream in the west.

Sounds about white.

The sheer amount he defended anti-vax stuff when wolfballs was federated. The main reason they defederated was actually covid denial stuff. Nutomic was a regular in the anti-vax community


(It took me way too long to find that emoji 🤣)

Explain plz

is how u make flag 🚩

Did you see their post going “boohoo they called me out for defending fascists”?


Crackery is as crackery does. Already crossposted to the shit lemmy.ml says comm.



Lol no! Share the link I would like to see this.



I’m just waiting for the inevitable “why I left the Left” thread from them

Ratette (she/her)


“Boohoo I’m being criticised for a project I made waaaaaah”

Right a few points:

  • wasn’t it dessalines too?
  • apparently represent the working class? We do unlike your behaviour that enabled an ideology that actively harm it, utter disconnect from reality that surely?
  • you’re getting criticised for being a shitty admin, nobodies criticising the software, we love that. stop conflating the two and using one as a shield to avoid criticism.
  • you don’t make software like this (free/open source or whatever) to then try and maintain control of it like some little dictator, so people can’t criticise your bs because you made it? That’s not how it works champ.
  • I’d argue manipulative because they’re acting like it’s uncalled for criticism when it is absolutely warranted and is misrepresenting the situation massively.

@TheConquestOfBed@lemmygrad.ml was right, lemmy doesn’t feel like a safe space for queer people if the main admin/mod has this amount of problematic behaviour. If we remember what happened only a few days ago and the posts where the admin agreed with the fash instance admin and defended them and other transphobes and homophobes “freeze peach”.

It’s amusing to me that he thinks he’s going to foster growth while ignoring the character of the largest and busiest lemmy iteration (hexbear), most active instance (here), and most active users (Agreeable/Yogthos). Even just acting purely on metrics, he should be chasing that success and trying to grow it. Instead he’d rather feed his own ego and make yet another failed fossbro social network. Anyone ever heard of Steemit? Minds? Twetch? No? There’s a reason for that.

That’s not to say tailism is preferrable (hex certainly isn’t tailist), but that if you claim to represent proletarianism while standing on a hill alone, you’re just a dude standing on a hill with no connection to community.

“I’ll die on this hill”

Lemmygrad: okay then 👌


nutomic sounds like a fossbro

I remove someone from Lemmygrad for repeatedly posting ultra-leftist shit and i’m “overstepping” or whatever. But he can just ban and remove anyone he wants and no one can say anything about it.

Ratette (she/her)


i’m not sure exactly what I am and am not allowed to say, so I won’t list any names.

but i’m pissed off that Catra’s been banned for being mean to a colonizer, but the colonizer only got one of their comments removed and nothing else. IMO feeling and expressing rage towards a colonizer is justified as long as it doesn’t go too far. And I don’t think Catra went too far.

I can’t critique how Lemmy moderates too much, it’s not my instance to make calls on. But they really need to stop being hypocritical in how they do moderation. A person can spew reactionary bullshit and be fine, but if someone gets angry about it the angry person gets punished? fuck no.

I think comments made as ourselves, as people, are fine. They’re just our personal opinions. What I wouldn’t want (personally, but I think the admin team feels the same) is to start outing people or taking an admin stance that was not previously discussed. Also users deserve to have us be transparent with them.

For anyone out of the loop, the way lemmy works currently (can be changed in further releases) is that you see which admins took a decision from federated instances. So yes, we know exactly who is doing what on other instances, including lemmy.ml. But it would set a very, very bad precedent if we started outing their names. Essentially would make moderation impossible for absolutely everyone that uses Lemmy.

We should not facilitate witch hunts but we should also not prevent the community from expressing themselves on lemmygrad.

As lemmy.ml is not our instance we will also not tell you how to behave there. It’s not our responsibility. But we have discussed looking at the behaviour of people from outside the instance so we will also do that on lemmy.ml as relevant.

As for me, I was banned temporarily and told “an admin of a [active] instance should know [to behave] better” but apparently only my presence on lemmy.ml should be taken into account? I have no idea what they’re doing over there and I’m not sure what it’s gonna resolve to if this keeps going like this.

In the wolfballs guy thread the discussion was heavy in the direction of “their behaviour on the other sites should be taken into consideration”, though that was ultimately cut short by the guy going mask off right there, so i wonder if that would be used to lock us here since someone apparently don’t like lemmygrad so much he repeatedly told me to leave lemmy and come here for suggestion that leftists should not tolerate blatant NATO lies as “news” (i assumed that someone with Fidel pfp would be at least antiimperialist if not comrade).

Ratette (she/her)

You can’t convince me lemmy isn’t a crypto fascist pipeline at this point.

The piece of shit was basically saying that natives need to get over it and that whites won fair and square. Just incredible.

that sounds about white. do you have a link?

Also reducted entire decolonisation issue to “i want to defend my home”. He stepped on this turboindividualism so hard i don’t even know if he talked about his settler state or really just his personal house lol.

Seems like it was initially a 7-day ban but is now a permanent one. He can use his Lemmygrad account here, but he might be banned from accessing lemmy.ml specifically if he comments on lemmy.ml


I thought they’re banned from lemmygrad?

No, just lemmy.ml (as far as I know), but since his account is part of the lemmy.ml instance, he can’t access other instances either :|

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