You speak of your “devotion” to me. Perhaps it was just a chance phrase. Perhaps. . . . But if the phrase was not accidental I would advise you to discard the “principle” of devotion to persons. It is not the Bolshevik way. Be devoted to the working class, its Party, its state. That is a fine and useful thing. But do not confuse it with devotion to persons, this vain and useless bauble of weak-minded intellectuals.”

Maybe due to us existing in an era of celebrity, or maybe due to communism being suppressed so hard that role models of the past are all some people have, but Stalin’s advice here is more pertinent than ever IMO.

non-diegetic screams

Another banger:

“I shall not touch upon the other points raised in your letter, which are smaller and more trivial, although just as fallacious.”

Lol why are all the Bolshiveks absolutely savage in their letter rebuttals? 🤣 I love it!

Lenin really went

“✓✓ Seen 14:03”

“Sorry Trotsky I haven’t checked my messages in a while… anyway.”

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