I think it’s only fair to call me an X apologist. I get incredibly frustrated when people talk about dropping support for X11. I fight back against the notion that some day X11 will be dead and unmaintained, a curiosity of a time before. I’ve spoken to people in my circles at-length about the accessibility tools that Wayland simply hasn’t been capable of supporting that X11 has. A lot of times, I’ve ended this conversation with “Maybe 5 years from now it’ll be good”. Well it’s 5 years in since I first said those words, and you know what, I’m actually pleasantly surprised.

I’ve never seen someone talk about xorg/wayland that was this educated when it comes to xorg codebase.


I just want a Haskell or Lisp/Scheme extensible Wayland wm/compositor… I can’t migrate from xmonad because of that.

There are wlroots bindings for Common Lisp. I’ve been considering a stumpwm rewrite using them, but it’s probably too big a project for me to take on in my copious free time.


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Ah, I didn’t know about that, actually.

I’m an openbox+tint2 desktop kind of person, so I’ve started to build my desktop of the future with labwc+waybar. I’ve hammered waybar into a decent facsimile of my tint2 config, and now I just have to wait until labwc matures enough that all of my old keybinds work. Someday…

Isn’t X11 already on mantainance mode?

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