At Washington gathering, experts say country's future will be grim if it loses its ability to drive technological advances

I don’t know why anybody would be surprised by this honestly. China is a country with over three times the population of US, it has much better education system, and the government is investing billions into domestic STEM programs. China now produces more STEM graduates than US, and publishes more papers of higher quality. This is an irreversible trend at this point, and China’s technological edge over US is only going to grow going forward.

I used to have Chinese acquaintance. Many people in China are miserable and for various reasons. The main reason is a lack of freedom. That is partly a cultural hangover from feudal days. I know a Chinese woman (talked to her today) who is so happy, so grateful to live in the USA. The USA has a lot of problems and so does every country and every culture.
But, how the Chinese authorities (500 years ago, 50 or 100 years ago, or even today) treat their own people is so horrible. Communism was unable to fix this negative cultural attitude that the Chinese people have for life in general - life of animals, life of newborn girls, life of any human. I doubt capitalism is the answer and i know religion isn’t, ether. My point is that you need to stop thinking technology = happiness or contentment. It does not . Without contentment, why are we alive? The state exist for the people - not the other way around.
Maybe China needs to teach and adopt Yangism (Master Yang Chou) and reintroduce the rest of Taoism, too - not the religious bullcrap, but the philosophical Taoism. Let go of your idea of burdening people. Let each person be free, be themselves. A person has the mental capacity then to CREATE. Mankind has excelled by CREATING - which is a type of inventing, too. China, America, any country can shove their technology up their arses. Every damned creature born wants freedom. Your technology is a ball-and-chain. You are proud of this ???

This is frankly deranged. I have lots of friends from China, and none of them say anything of the sort. Chinese government lifted over a billion people out of poverty, and continues to improve lives for the majority of the population. The government in China also has huge public support, and most people in China feel their country is more democratic than US according to pretty much every poll.

I sure hope YOU live there and never leave. And, if you think I am implying that the USA is all sunshine, freedom, and a country to emulate, you are incorrect. The USA also has a lot of room for improvement. The entire world will soon become as unfree as China, so even if you don’t live there now, you’ll have time to reflect on your thoughtless statement.

USA is a despotic regime. I can’t wait until it collapses and the world is led by a sane country like China.

The USA is run by evil globalists and I look forward to hearing about those individuals hung from ropes in front of court houses all over the USA. I fully realize that my government bullies or otherwise treats unfairly peoples from all over the world. I am hoping there is a civil war in the larger western countries. I would never want the Chinese government to rule anyone - not even the Chinese people. One type of tyranny and corruption is possibly as bad as the next. I hope the Chinese people revolt along with other countries all at the same hour on the same day. Humans are meant to be free and content with life - otherwise life isn’t worth living.

Could you please tell me more about what you mean specifically by “globalists”

Sure. That’s a fair question. Globalists want what they themselves have repeatably called (in the past) a “New World Order”. This world be one central government that would control every nation, every individual, and every inch of the planet. The groups involved shockingly often go into quite a bit of detail regarding their plans and post those ideas and plans on their official websites and Youtube channels. Some (not all) of these groups are often inter-related and you’ll see the same words, phrases, and concepts used by them all: World Economic Forum (WEF), United Nations (UN), International Monetary Fund (IMF), International Bank of Settlements (IBS), the World Bank, and almost all of the world’s central banks. The WEF’s website covers the companies involved and if you go to those companies’ websites and Youtube channels, often you’ll see those recurring concepts, words, and phrases. This is a huge network and they want to make citizens into micromanaged serfs. They use sweet lies about “helping” us and “helping” the planet, the business practices of the company-partners in the WEF are horrible for the environment and people.

You know absolutely nothing about China. The fact that you hate a government you know nothing about in a country you know nothing about is something you should be deeply ashamed of. People in China are free and content with their lives. Every single survey of the public opinion in China shows that.

tell me then why the word Beijing no longer comes up in Chinese web searches? Why has China suddenly greatly increased their firewalls? Why do Chinese people call XI a dictator? I hope the Chinese can get their freedom in a peaceful way, but I foresee lots of bloodshed - Chinese killing other Chinese. VERY sad.

there are miserable people everywhere my dude. have they tried simply being happy? skill issue.

Blaming the victim? wow. Chinese people are really suffering right now - more so from the covid-19 lock downs, but also because of the real estate fraud.

Many people in China are miserable and for various reasons. The main reason is a lack of freedom.

Do western people really believe this caricature of people in developing countries? You really think that when two people are talking, one says “ah fuck man i wish i had more freedoms.” Meanwhile the approval of CPC in China is through the roof.

perhaps it is just the Chinese people I know who move here. Rumor has it that a Chinese man would pay an American woman $40,000 to marry her so that he can get citizenship.


This is largely because western country on average have better standards of living, better wages etc. owing to imperialist theft. It’s not to quench their thirst for freedom and democracy. The man isn’t thinking “fuck I really want to #Vote between two senile rapist septuagenarians to choose #MyPresident”.

I agree 100%. Last night I watched a documentary partly about how Bernie Sanders was shoved out of the candidacy by his own party. Republicans have the same problem. Our system is broken and we get to “choose” the candidates the elites want and therefore, there is no real choose, no real democracy - and it keeps getting worse.

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The purpose of VOA writing about this is manufacturing consent among the public for when the govt helicopter money starts pouring onto tech companies for “innovation” which will manifest as massive PR spend and share buybacks.

Private capital has no national allegiance. If bolstering the u.s. tech sector doesn’t increase margins, it isn’t going to happen.

A lot of people don’t understand how capitalism actually works. All these companies are in competition with each other, and their primary purpose is to show profit to shareholders.

The reason all the industry got offshored in the first place is due to the fact that it’s vastly cheaper to produce things in countries with cheaper labor markets. So, the only way manufacturing could come back is if the cost of manufacturing in the west started being comparable to the current costs. There is also the up front cost of moving existing production chains to a new location.

The reality is that there is simply no incentive for companies to take on the cost of reshoring manufacturing, and doing so will make these companies less profitable since their input costs are going to go up. This is the problem that can’t be addressed within the capitalist system.

One approach to solving it would be for the government to start subsidizing companies to move production back and to eat the difference of the cost increase. This is of course a complete nonstarter politically.

If the USA and it’s allies were truly enthusiastic about human rights and democracy, then they should find out how much a company saves by having supply chains with worse human rights protections, and tax them some portion (I’d say at least half) of that saving

To encourage them to employ more expensive staff in countries with decent democracy and human rights laws

(And encourage other countries to transition to better human rights frameworks)

If they were truly enthusiastic about human rights and democracy, first of all they need to stop violating human rights across the world and overthrowing democratic governments. In their current state, they have no right to lecture or “encourage” anyone about “human rights frameworks”.

So you’re saying US should encourage more companies to move to China?

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You do not want to work on platform technologies that you use every day that are dominated by nondemocratic, nonopen systems

That’s basically what American systems are though, proprietary and patented.

Democracy is a dogwhistle for being under the control or influence of American capitalist class interests

zero self awareness there

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“Stolen our designs”

That you don’t even have lol. You even admitted that the Western competitors are still scrambling to bring products to market.

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hopefully not

the sooner the US collapses, the better off the entire rest of the world will be

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