A new report has analysed the carbon footprint of the world’s most popular websites to highlight their environmental impact

Pinterest I get, it’s all about images, or the gaming sites … but for Reddit, a primarily text based collection of links and comments, to use that much energy takes some serious effort.

Of course you can see that effort just by trying to take a quick look at one thread, and seeing everything else it pulls into the page.


The Carbon print not only depends on the page design or content, depends mostly on the energy resource of the server they use, green or fossil resources.

I imagine part of the story is the amount of ads and tracking. Also, if you go to the front page, you will see plenty of videos. Your personal subreddits may be primarily text-based, but it seems most people use image or video-based subreddits.


Ads and tracking attempts you can test with Blacklight, putting the URL in it’s search bar. It shows all the crap of a webpage (tracking cookies, keylogger and other and of who they are.) Something similar for Android Apps is Exodus Privacy

The co2 emission methodology is not clean. The much more simple methodology would be how much cpu & gpu time spends client compuer by loading front-page. JS-bloated sites will obviosly anti-leaders, comparing to lemmy and https://old.reddit.com/

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