damn this goes hard

Where’s this from?

It’s one of the replies further down. Link to the question.

Sadly it doesn’t seem to be archived anywhere either. Yandex’s blurb is pre-deletion, but I’m not sure if Yandex has an archived version similar to Google. Google doesn’t have this page.

Wow most of the replies are rightfully brutal lol

Quora somehow has better discourse than Reddit.

Lil Kitai

“They need to learn.” I really have nothing to say other than I’ll bash this guy’s face in if they said this to me in real life. Chinese people are often stereotyped as meek, shy, and ‘don’t want any trouble’, but I’m at a point where I don’t give a fuck anymore. This guy needs to learn. What I’ll do to his face is but a tiny fraction of what he’s advocating.



Holy shit this person is just flooding it all with pure gold. This reply should be copy-pasted around the entirety of westoid Internet for every asshole there to see.

Lot of experience with westoids is many of them can’t be expected to self regulate.

Damn, that particular user has been debunking stupid westoid propganda on that site for a long time.

Major props for that.

As for the Fatlander who asked the question, what a psychotic piece of shit lol. Imagine wishing to starve billions to death just because your fragile notion of white superiority was in tatters because non-whites are improving their own lives instead of begging on their knees.

Fatlander lol

“Greetings, Fatlander”


Umm. It’s more like [ ماشاء الله ] actually.

But thanks for trying and your efforts any way ❤️👌

Wow. That answer is all the better for how fucking dumb the question was.

Quora is based af sometimes. For some reason, I get bombarded with communist themed quoras and it always follows the formula of someone asks a dumb question, then someone gives a pretty good rebuttal :).

Quora makes me want to cry and scream.

deleted by creator

I can’t find the screenshot, but I think I got a question that was like “why merica not 1 freeist country”

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