So i can stop working full time but still have to go to the food bank

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Main problem is verification services like

Apparently people can also just call the registrar’s office and verify student name, major, degree, and year awarded.

If you are willing to pay around 500 dollars you will get degrees official transcripts and pretty much everything you need. But like i’m not sure if what to do with official transcripts, like during the interview just throwing them down on the table randomly would look sus.

It depends on the field and the employer. Some will definitely not do any verification. I wouldn’t go any further than a simple, ‘Yes I have [degree]’ though. Having fraudulent documents made up takes you into a new category of breaking the law. Also, nobody wants your paper records anymore. Anything short of changing the university database and you might as well do it yourself.

Having a degree, I have very little respect for them and don’t even look at it when I am included in hiring decisions especially since requiring degrees perpetuates inequities. Maybe focus on developing the skills for the job you want? That’s what can’t be faked and has actual value.

What kinds of jobs are you looking for? There might be someone here who has good advice for getting one without a degree.

Don’t fake a college degree but I started a Software Development company in Canada where I hire my friends for resume experience. You don’t get paid, but it’s a real company and I’ll vouch for you if any background agency calls. Hit me up if you’re interested.

the real MVP

Seriously, don’t do this. Fudging things on an application is one thing. I did that to avoid disclosing that I left a previous job because I struggled to perform well. But flat out lying on a job application like this could get you in hot water. Even if you do manage to fool HR, you will likely spend the whole of the job stressing out that someone will discover that you got the job under false pretenses.

I was told to lie on Twitter when trying to get a job… seems like something that needs to be done to me

In my experience lying doesn’t need to be done at all. I approach jobs/interviews with fit in mind for me. I am not pitching myself just informing them of my skills, work style, etc. Knowing that I am not creating unreasonable expectations of what I can do means that I can be confident on day 1. For me bringing piece of mind is way more important than some job that I wasn’t even qualified for.

sometimes u just need a job tho

Yeah, I have been there. I’ve spent all of my free time going place to place looking for any work that suited me. Found restaurant work, janitor work, random labor, and finally, while doing combinations of those and volunteer work in my field, something that paid in my field. Just a strategy and how I wanted to live my life. You do you if you see a better path.

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