‘Their government are more unhinged’ - person living in a country that has been at war for capitalist gain for the last 80 years or so

At war for 233 years for capitalist gain to be precise. From 1776 to 2022 the USA was at peace for 13 years.

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Those poor Weegurs muslims getting treated badly. Anyway, off to protest the local refugee centre.

“We may be fascists, but they have nukes”

What the fuck is this argument??

Apparently missing that USA also has nukes. And under fascists’ control, as they themselves admit.

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Not just once

Many peoples opinions on China are seriously unhinged. They have done NO research on anything and literally believe ALL the nonsense they are told.

I know this stuff is forced on people, but they should honestly feel bad about themselves for being so easily duped.

My work colleague recently told me that in China people are forced to buy air in containers from Europe because they wisj they could have air as good as ours… He’s a grown man, believing shit like that

Meanwhile, we literally sell air in canisters at corner stores in the US. It even has the face attachment included.


What I typed makes just as much sense

It makes more sense though…

As someone who lost weeks to that same problem with LaTeX, Lisp, Python, and Java, I must implore you from the depths of my heart, in the name of all that is true and good, to PLEASE edit this and close the parenthesis

Rest easy comrades, woke liberals are here to save America from fascism. And even if not, surely one day Azov will return the favor and come to the rescue.

In China, you can just sit on the street and have a beer. You cant do that shit in the US.

Permissions are relative.

Im really getting tired of libs assuming that just cause one thing or another is permitted or not permitted, then states are panopticon hell holes.

'merika has nukes too. How would it be better if only one government had them? Especially the US government. You know, the only one that dropped them on civilians for terror tactics.

How is Chinese government more unhinged? Did it kill shitloads of civilians all over the world for money?

Their government lifted 2.4 USA populations of it’s people out of poverty. People don’t want to stop it, plain and simple.

The operating word is “trying”. With FBI and CIA infiltrated libs and trotskyists. I’m sure they will turn things arouPHAHAHAHAHA

Try again.

palestine + Ukraine flag is the combo that pisses me off the most

Oh yeah. I stopped paying attention to these flag bandoliers, honestly. Hilarious.

Apple Juice

I stopped reading immediately when I saw the word unhinged.

Someone tell them about Japan 1945. Just whisper into their ears. Softly. Very softly.

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