I have installed Lemmur client and tried to add my account at feddit.de. But Lemmur couldn’t find that instance, nor any other instance I tried to connect with. What’s wrong there? Do the instances run different APIs? If so, that would not be a helpful situation for the lemmy commuity to grow.


it happened to me quite often i reinstalled lemmur on my device and then it worked the second time. try it it might work then

At least on Android you need to add the instance manually

Use Jerboa. Lemmur is pretty much dead.

From F-Droid: “Download Failed”. “The requested file was not found. https://f-droid.org/repo/com.jerboa_12.apk

They couldn’t make gpg any harder to use or figure out… f-droid is 4 months out of date and I need to verify the apk in termux manually.


I’ve never heard of any of that before, its an apk, you just need to allow permissions and install it.

Nice I’m on. Just paranoid. gpg makes it more difficult for some hacker to spoof a download. gpg also makes it more difficult to actually verify vs using md5 or sha hash.


ooohhh I gotcha, doing manual verify, my bad.


Thanks for the hint. But I am looking for a client on Linux, not Android. The Lemmur error occured on Linux…

That would be great if there were a Linux client other than Firefox.

It got updated pretty recently

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