In the imperial core (including Turkey), it’s probably just a lack of class consciousness. In Syria, I’d imagine the citizens are well aware that their problems are caused by Amerika, Turkey, Israel, and others, rather than their government (Bashar al-Assad is a Ba’athist and anti-imperialist who seems to have quite a lot of support). Lebanon’s government seems to be dysfunctional, but Hezbollah has a lot of support. Don’t know about Argentina.

When there’s insecurity people turn to the right, it’s our job to show them the light

Yooo I didn’t notice, anyways my world tour starts tomorrow

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Well I can speak for my country (Italy) the left in general is divided, in the 70s the biggest Communist Party became social democratic and tens of parties decided to split, we now have tens and tens of minuscole Communist parties that don’t do a damn, the biggest took 1.6% in the last election, in the 1950s the communist party TOOK ONE THIRD ONE FUCKING THIRD the left in the west is in crisis and negating it is anti scientific

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Most people don’t know any alternative. There is no clear organisation that had demonstrated it can do any better so where are they to turn? Revolutions don’t spring out of holes in the ground comrade

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